6 Best Management Practices For IT Asset Disposal

IT assets are crucial in any business environment. Most companies are always in need of the best IT infrastructures to run their business operations. This implies that they will have surplus of old and outdated IT equipment from time to time. Getting rid of such assets is important. However, it is not the easiest thing to do for so many reasons.

For a start, some information that are contained in most of these assets are confidential and will need to remain so. The legislations regulating IT disposal in many countries are becoming tighter too and organizations have to be careful the way they approach it. Here, we will briefly discuss six best management practices for IT asset disposal:

Data Must Be Properly Destroyed

In the introductory part, we mentioned the confidentiality of information. This is a serious issue in IT asset disposal as it is recommended that all information in storage devices and other IT equipment must be properly destroyed. This is necessary if you don’t want to answer to the law and your customers.  

Some Equipment Can Be Remarketed

Most IT assets like PCs, laptops, and others have resale values. There are many organizations that change their IT assets regularly, and remarketing may be the best way to do this. A reputable disposal company should be trusted with the responsibility of remarketing the assets in the secondary market.

Some Equipment Can Be Recycled

Equipment recycling offers an excellent way to dispose some IT assets.  It is important that organizations take the proper step in recycling their IT equipment. This normally involves careful selection of a recycling company to handle every aspect of the exercise and provide documentations that indicate that the proper steps were taken.

Some Equipment Can Be Donated

It is also common for some organizations to donate their IT assets to organizations and individuals that are open to receiving such donations. Public libraries and charity organizations are always ready to receive donations but the process must be handled properly to avoid compliant issues.

There Must Be Proof of Compliance

In many countries, there are multiple agencies tasked with oversight of IT asset disposal. Popular ones include HIPPA, PCI, SOX, FCC, and FDA. Businesses and other organizations must present compliance reporting (detailed documentation) to prove compliance with all laws and regulations. Most asset disposal companies provide detailed audit trail to prove compliance.

Compliant IT Disposal Program Must Be Developed

Disposing your IT asset isn’t something that should be taken casually. It is best when there is a policy and program within an organization to take care of it. Developing such a program can be tough but a reliable technology asset disposal company can help any organization to do that.

There you have it! Above are some of the best management practices for disposing your IT assets. Proper disposal of IT assets is necessary for every organization. The management practices discussed above will help your organization achieve it in a compliant manner. Contact us today at Excess Logic to help dispose your surplus IT assets and equipment.