Asset Recovery Liquidators

Asset Recovery LiquidatorsLooking for professional asset recovery liquidators who can help your company finally empty out your storage room where your surplus equipment is now being stored? CleanBayArea can help. Their experts can come out to your location and pick up all of your unwanted e waste and equipment, repurposing and remarketing whenever possible, and sharing the profits with your company.

It’s not always easy finding asset recovery liquidators you can trust with your company’s surplus equipment. First, there is the question of security, so you’ll have to locate a reliable agency that understands the urgency of professionally managing your company’s sensitive data. As well, there is the need to partner with a company that knows the value of your surplus equipment, and has connections within a network of liquidators.

If your company is currently storing a warehouse full or store room full of unwanted or out-dated equipment, you’re not unique in today’s business world. Every company shares the same plight as your organization does. If you’ve been put in charge with the liquidation of assets and are hoping to recover a portion of your company’s initial investment, your best bet is to contact CleanBayArea.

Excess assets can greatly burden an organization, especially at the rate of speed by which newer and newer technology is being introduced on the market. It seems like almost as soon as new equipment is purchased, it’s become obsolete or old-fashioned technology. You can greatly reduce the financial burden on your company by implementing timely asset recovery through professional liquidators from CleanBayArea.

You’ll find CleanBayArea offers total asset recovery services from start to finish, beginning with the free pick-up of your surplus equipment and prompt transportation to their Fremont, CA warehouse where your equipment will be carefully stored. You will be provided with documentation through a chain of custody process that is completely transparent.

Data Destruction and Sanitation is of top priority at CleanBayArea. Their experts will apply the DoD Data Wipe process to all of your hard drives and perform further operations including shredding of DVDs, CDs and tapes, after which, you will be provided with a certificate of your data’s destruction.

Next, Clean BayArea will work within their extensive network of vendors to remarket your equipment for the highest possible recovery price- then share the profits with your company for reinvestment. This unique Recover, Transport, Manage, Secure and Share process will ensure your organization receives the highest amount of recovery with the least amount of effort on your part- often as much as 80% of the original value of your assets.

CleanBayArea’s clients realize 3 times more value from asset recovery than working with auction liquidators and 10 times more value over traditional recycling. Every day your assets are in storage, their value is diminishing. Let CleanBayArea pick-up your unwanted assets and remarket them for the highest recovery possible.

Make a call to CleanBayArea today at 650-307-7553 or click on the ‘Asset Recovery’ link on the home page to find out how their experts can help you reclaim your lost facility space and put more of your investment back in your company’s pocket.