Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services

Every organization has surplus equipment, assets or inventory that is no longer required, wanted or used and is sitting in storage awaiting someone to make a decision with regard to its destination. If no one has been designated to make a final decision in this regard, ROI is dwindling with every passing day, and company storage is being taken up.

Let Excess Logic show you how they can help. Managing surplus assets is only half of the issue. Once a determination has been made about what is no longer needed, resources must be spent in an effort to sell the surplus. Any employee from your organization involved in asset liquidation will need a trusted partner that has firmly established relationships in the industry and has a proven procedure of providing asset recovery services to local companies. 

Excess Logic can recover the maximum residual value of your surplus assets to maximize your return on investment. If you thought your surplus equipment was a burden to your corporation- think again! What you really have is an opportunity to generate value for your business. Through asset recovery services, your organization can make intelligent investment recovery decisions that will further sustainability initiatives.

You’ll love Excess Logic's seamless ‘white glove’ approach to asset recovery services. They’ll manage, market and resell your unwanted assets, excess inventory and RMAs through multiple marketplace venues to end users to provide you with the highest ROI in your equipment. Their multi venue remarketing approach will triple surplus recovery rates with a 6-step approach:

- Pick-up, drop-off, or through pictures

- Sorting, pre-inventory, and inventory management

- Testing and price evaluation

- Marketing and sales through multiple venues

- Money collection and fulfillment to your buyers

- Payment to you and reporting

Excess Logic will completely remove all surplus or unwanted equipment for your facility so that nothing will be left on your premises that you do not want. They’ll remarket all qualified equipment through the multiple marketplaces that they work with. Net proceeds will be shared with your company. Your company will be fully protected from any liabilities from the use of your equipment by buyers.

There is a huge difference between using Excess Logic’s asset recovery services and selling through an auction house:

- Excess Logic has global reach in the industry’s marketplaces with the biggest client base purchasing the type of equipment you’re selling. Instead of selling through one venue with an auction, you’ll reap the benefits of selling through various venues to recover the highest amount of revenue possible. 

- Excess Logic sells to end users, not middlemen. Resellers buy equipment to resell, and will want to make a further profit on your equipment. End users will pay the highest price for your assets.

- Excess Logic provides absolutely free pickup of your equipment with no upfront payments for appraisal sorting or storage. 

You’ll enjoy the benefits of working with Excess Logic from the very first day, when they remove your surplus equipment from your facility, reduce the cost of your operations and allow you the opportunity to maximize your return through their professional asset recovery services. Call Excess Logic today at 650-307-7553. We’re sure you’ll be glad your did!