$10M Recovered for a Manufacturer

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Excess Logic Efficiently Remarketed $10M Worth of Surplus Assets for One of the Largest Building Material Manufacturers in Northern California.


After one of the largest building material manufacturers in Northern California pivoted to a new product line, it was left with $10 million of surplus assets. These assets included hundreds of units of lab, test, measurement, industrial, research & development, heavy duty, manufacturing and capital equipment. The client needed to reorganize its test & measurement and research & development departments, as well as its manufacturing facilities to maximize their current footprint. Their challenge was to recover maximum value from their surplus equipment which included assets of different types, ages, and conditions. The company had an aggressive time frame and the liquidation of the equipment was considered an integral component of the funding plan for their new project.


The client selected Excess Logic to remarket all surplus equipment because of Excess Logic's unique approach and its use of multiple online marketplaces. Having access to over 100 million buyers worldwide, Excess Logic is able to remarket surplus assets to a broad range of customers ranging from end users to dealers on various platforms, thus garnering the largest exposure and highest recovery price. They continuously analyze historical prices of surplus equipment, and are able to effectively define the current market value for their clients' surplus assets. They then identify the most strategic buyer for the equipment in both domestic and international markets, providing their clients with maximum return on their capital.

Excess Logic worked closely with the company's finance and operations teams to strategically prioritize the liquidation of the assets to maximize the return. With an aggressive time frame, all equipment was quickly relocated from the client's rented facilities to Excess Logic facilities, saving the client tens of thousands of dollars in rental fees. Excess Logic then selected the best marketplaces with the largest client purchasing base for the remarketing of surplus assets. Excess Logic ensures transparency by providing its clients with custom asset and market reports.


Well within our clients aggressive time frame, Excess Logic recovered 80% of residual value of the clients $10 million worth of surplus assets. The value recovery program recovered 3X more value than the client had ever before recovered by using traditional auctions and liquidators. The Excess Logic program surpassed the client's ambitious key performance indicators by 300%, and was completed 30% faster than planned. Partnering with Excess Logic, the client has maximized value in its reverse supply chain and minimized time and resources spent on asset management.

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