$46,000 Recovered for Marketing Automation Company

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With over 500 employees in more than 17 locations around the world, the company is a global leader in agile marketing technology solutions. This global marketing automation company provides brands, agencies, and developers with proprietary tools to automate and optimize their marketing investments. As the company invests in state of the art computer technology to support its platforms, it needed a comprehensive recurring solution for its excess computer and telephone equipment.


Excess Logic provided the client with a comprehensive remarketing and recycling solution for their used equipment in compliance with R2 and E-Stewards certification standards. Excess Logic removed and recycled hardware such as laptops, servers, monitors, and telephone equipment. Through its online global sales distribution network and multiple online venues, Excess Logic was able to successfully remarket the client’s excess assets through its global sales distribution network of system integrators, manufacturers, and value-added resellers. The result was a maximization of returns through proven marketing and sales strategies which allowed the client to triple its recovery rates in comparison to traditional auctions and ITAD companies. Excess Logic also R2-Certified recycled assets that could not be resold or reused, and supplied the client with all regulatory required documentation and certificates of destruction for the equipment. Excess Logic ensured transparency by providing the client with its custom asset and market reports.


In the first month, Excess Logic was able to recover $46,000 of residual value for the client's used equipment. Excess Logic recovered 80% of the residual value of their client’s equipment, and its value recovery program consistently recovers 3x more value than using traditional auctions and liquidators. The cost of pickups, recycling, and disposal fees are offset by the recovery so clients do not have any upfront costs in the process. By partnering with Excess Logic, the client maximized the residual value it received for its equipment and has saved time and resources that would normally be spent by their personnel to manage the process.

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