Datacenter Decommissioning for Bank

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One of California largest banks, which provides its clients with private banking, wealth advisory solutions, as well as private equity and venture capital solutions, decided to decommission and relocate its data center from Santa Clara, CA to Texas.

The bank had a very tight budget and compressed timeline, and very comprehensive data security policies.

The bank needed a proven and trusted partner to assist with the monumental task of decommissioning 50 racks of servers, data storage, tape subsystems, networking gear, and power supplies.  Additionally, they had over 2,000 hard drives containing confidential data such as personal customer information, account numbers, and financial transactions.

The bank was very concerned about being able to protect and control the data because it required complete, controlled, and documented on-site data destruction.

Watch this short video below to see Excess Logic at work.

Three things to consider

When it’s time to replace or decommission equipment, all companies have three important things to consider:

1.Dispose of all end of life assets in an environmentally friendly manner,

2.Safely and confidentially destroy all data,

3.Maximize the recovery value of their assets.

To meet these requirements, Excess Logic specialists dismantle, remove, recycle and remarket all excess servers, disk arrays, tape subsystems, and other networking and IT equipment.

To protect your brand reputation and eliminate your compliance risks, Excess Logic provides offsite and onsite data destruction, along with certificates.  Excess Logic maximizes your ROI (return on investment) of the equipment through the remarketing of excess assets.  We make asset disposal effortless so you can focus on your core business.


The client had chosen Excess Logic because they provided a solution which met the bank’s needs and requirements. The solution was perfectly balanced for the specific needs of the customer.

Within four days, Excess Logic provided a crew of 10 people with special tools and equipment, along with a 24-foot truck with a lift gate and pallets to facilitate the decommissioning.  While eight Excess Logic technicians were working in the data center dismantling racks, pulling out servers, hard drives, power supplies, data storages, tape subsystems and networking gear, another Excess Logic truck with specialized equipment for physical destruction was positioned in the parking lot to receive and destroy the hard drives.  As the more than 2,000 hard drives and pieces of networking equipment were brought out of the building, two Excess Logic specialist captured all serial numbers from the hard drives and physically destroyed them.  Doing so, Excess Logic met the bank’s strict policies revolving around the control of their clients’ data.

All servers, power supplies, data storage and other networking gear were removed from the racks, then Excess Logic’s specialist unbolted and removed all the racks from the data center. After all hard drives were destroyed, Excess Logic provided a serialized certificate of destruction.


Excess Logic reduced the cost of data center decommission by 50%, providing a best in class solution for data center equipment removal and data destruction.  Fifty racks were disconnected, dismantled, unbolted, and removed from the data center and more than 2,000 hard drives were physically destroyed onsite within four days. Excess Logic also provided a serialized certificate of destruction to the bank.

Photogallery of the datacenter decommissioning process

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