$76,000 Recovered for a High-Tech Networking Company

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As a successful Northern California high-tech networking company who delivers software driven networking solutions embarked on a major laboratory consolidation, the company identified surplus equipment and inventory which required relocation and liquidation. Their challenge was to reposition the equipment and recover the maximum value from their surplus to provide cash to reinvest into its new laboratory.


The client selected Excess Logic to remarket all of their surplus equipment because of their unique approach and its use of multiple online marketplaces. Having access to over 100 million buyers worldwide, Excess Logic is able to remarket surplus assets to a broad range of customers ranging from end users to dealers on various platforms, thus garnering the largest exposure and highest recovery price. Excess Logic continuously analyzes historical prices of surplus equipment, and are able to effectively define the current market value for their clients’ surplus assets. Excess Logic then pinpoints the most strategic buyers for the equipment in both domestic and international markets, providing their clients with maximum return on their capital.

Excess Logic expertly removed all of the clients analyzers, test sets, power supplies, oscilloscopes, microscopes, environmental chamber, and excess IT equipment from their facility and relocated them to its 21,000 square foot facility in Fremont, CA. Once on-site, their trained personnel evaluated the equipment and separated the equipment for remarketing. Excess Logic then selected the best marketplaces with the largest client purchasing base for the remarketing of surplus assets. Excess Logic ensures complete transparency by providing its clients with custom asset and market reports.


Excess Logic was able to sell all of the remarketed equipment at the maximum prices allowing the client to recover in excess of $76,000 to reinvest in their business. With Excess Logics “White Glove” service, the cost of pickups, recycling and disposal fees are offset by the recovery so clients do not have any upfront costs in the process. Partnering with Excess Logic, the client maximized the residual value for its equipment as it consolidated operations into its new laboratory.

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