$584,000 Earned for a Semi Company

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A Premier Semiconductor Company Partners with Excess Logic To Recover Over $584,000 To Date.


As one of California’s premier semiconductor companies who provides industry-leading comprehensive solutions to the data storage, automotive, industrial and consumer industries, searched for a sustainable remarketing plan for its excess equipment. It needed a proven partner to develop and implement a plan specifically tailored to their company.

As technology evolves at a rapid pace, the company was confronted with the challenge of developing a strategy to methodically relocate and liquidate its excess test and analytical equipment in a consistent and timely manner. This strategy had to include periodic removal of equipment as well as receiving the highest value for the equipment with limited use of company personnel.


The client turned to Excess Logic to develop a strategy which utilized their “White Glove Service” on a quarterly basis to relocate and remarket their excess equipment. Excess Logic’s unique knowledge of logistical procedures, its proven resume of relocations, and its use of multiple online marketplaces was a logical choice to maximize value for the company.

After partnering with the client to understand its unique challenges, Excess Logic developed a plan to collect the companies excess equipment each quarter and relocate it to its 21,000 square foot facility in Fremont, CA. Once on-site, their trained personnel evaluated the equipment and separated the equipment for remarketing and recycling.

Having access to over 100 million buyers worldwide, Excess Logic is able to remarket surplus assets to a broad range of customers ranging from end users to dealers on various platforms, thus garnering the largest exposure and highest recovery price. Excess Logic continuously analyzes historical prices of surplus equipment, and are able to effectively define the current market value of their clients’ surplus assets.

Excess Logic then pinpoints the most strategic buyers for the equipment in both domestic and international markets, providing their clients with a maximum return on their capital. They ensure transparency by providing their clients with custom asset and market reports.


Over the last two years, Excess Logic has successfully remarketed the client's equipment at maximum prices which have allowed the client to recover in excess of $584,000 to date.

Excess Logic has recovered 75% of the residual value of their client's equipment and its value recovery program consistently recovers three times more value than using traditional auctions and liquidators.

By constantly partnering with Excess Logic, the client continues to enjoy receiving the maximum value for its equipment each quarter while enhancing their bottom line.

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