Disposition Of Assets

Disposition Of AssetsExcess Logic can provide professional disposition of assets at no cost to your company- in fact, in many cases, they can remarket your out-dated or surplus equipment and will share the profits with your company. If you’re currently storing lab equipment, IT assets, or other surplus electronics or equipment at your corporate facility, Excess Logic can help you turn your assets into cash.

Through professional services that include Lab Equipment Remarketing, Surplus Equipment Recovery, IT Asset Disposition, Asset Recovery and much more, Excess Logic can ensure your company the highest amount of return on your initial investment while freeing up valuable facility space in your location.

Disposition of assets is often referred to as ITAD, or IT Asset Disposition, and involves the disposing of or remarketing of obsolete or unwanted equipment. If disposal is recommended, it requires professional, safe and ecologically-responsible disposition. Working with Excess Logic, your company can minimize the costs related to ITAD services, with the potential for recovery of a portion of your company’s investment, which can be reinvested back into equipment.

Excess Logic’s ITAD services are especially beneficial to clients who are working with assets from a closed facility, managing the challenging time constraints of disposing of assets that remain at a facility. Excess Logic’s experts can help make the process effortless by providing the following services:

- Online service scheduling
- IT Asset dismantling, de-installation and removal
- Inventory ID on-site
- Media destruction on-site or off-site
- Data sanitation for any type of hard drive (including SSD drives)
- Certification for media sanitization, destruction and recycling
- And much more

Excess Logic is trusted by more than 300 companies across California for surplus equipment recovery and disposition of assets, which in turn, improves profitability for businesses, increases savings, returns more than 3 times the recovery than equipment auctions and allows companies a return of more than 10 times versus recycling of assets. As a one-stop solution for all of your e waste recycling, surplus equipment recovery and disposition of IT assets, Excess Logic brings a lot of value to your company, at no cost to you.

That’s right, Excess Logic’s disposition of assets services are entirely free. Their experts will pick-up your equipment and recycle your products under strict code of compliance. In the event that your assets have value, they will transport them to their storage facility, remarket through their vast network of vendors, sell your assets and share the profits with your company.

Local companies trust Excess Logic as a disposition expert that understands your need to ensure all of your disposal procedures are complaint with HIPAA, HITECH and GLBA. They also know there is a need to protect your company’s sensitive data if it should fall into the wrong hands, which is why they implement a strict code of regulations to ensure a security breach will not occur.

Make a call to Excess Logic today at 650-307-7553 to connect with experts who are able to take care of the disposition of your assets in a reliable, convenient and often profitable way.