E Waste Liquidation

E Waste LiquidationIf your company is not currently employing e-waste liquidation, Excess Logic can help you get rid of your excess or surplus electronics that may be taking up valuable space in your facility. You may have thought it was too expensive to call on the services of a recycling company, however there is no charge for Excess Logic to pick up your e-waste. It’s a free service to your community.

Excess Logic provides this free service as a means of protecting the environment, ensuring that as much e-waste as possible is kept out of the local landfill. When you call Excess Logic at 650-307-7553, they’ll come out to your facility and pick up all of your e-waste including your old desktop computers, laptops, electronics, e-waste, lab equipment, semiconductor and biotech equipment and any other electronic waste you have being stored at your facility.

The e waste liquidation crew will have a look at your items to see if you have valuable assets or surplus that can be resold, and if so, they’ll transport the items back to their storage facility in Fremont. Your surplus equipment will be stored, marketed and sold and Excess Logic will share the profits with your company so you can reinvest the revenue.

For 100% free of charge pick up and e waste liquidation, call Excess Logic at 650-307-7553 today. Same day pick-up is often possible if you call early in the day. There are numerous benefits of partnering with a recycling company that is able to help your facility eliminate the need for storage of your e waste. Consider how free e waste liquidation can benefit your corporation:

- You’re not only helping yourself when you commit to e waste recycling, you’re helping to keep your local landfill from becoming overwhelmed by excessive toxic e waste that can seep into soil and ground water over time. Currently, only 13% of all e waste is being recycled in the US. Every company in California can do their part at no cost to their business by calling Excess Logic.

- E waste liquidation comes with social benefits. If you care about the community you live and work in, you might consider the benefits of having your out-dated, unused electronics repurposed or donated to residents of your community who will be happy to receive them. Surplus electronics can also be sold by your recycling center, with the proceeds going to a charitable cause.

- It is far more energy efficient to recycle e waste than to mine materials for the manufacture of new electronics. Companies that think they are too small to make a difference are mistaken- every company can be a part of the movement to make the world a cleaner, safer place to live.

Call Excess Logic at 650-3007-7553 to request free e waste liquidation at your facility’s location. The safe and secure destruction of your sensitive data is guaranteed, so call with confidence. Protect the environment by partnering with a reputable recycling company that cares about your needs. Call Excess Logic today.