E-waste Recycling San Jose

E-waste Recycling San Jose

If you thought e-waste recycling was a service reserved only for companies in Sa Jose that could afford it, you may be surprised to learn that Excess Logic provides free e-waste recycling in the San Francisco Bay area and its surrounding cities. Their dedication to protecting our environment runs deep- and their commitment to providing the community with free recycling shows it.

Companies that are looking for a one-stop solution for surplus equipment, excess inventory recovery, IT asset disposition and e-waste recycling are looking to Excess Logic in San Jose to meet their needs. They help businesses remove unwanted equipment and electronics for recycle or recovery purposes. 

Your company can prevent surplus equipment from being dumped into local landfills. Electronic waste is among the items that the EPA has dubbed ‘universal waste’, meaning this is an item that has been deemed hazardous waste, but poses no immediate threat to the environment. The hazardous elements are safely contained inside of your phone, computer, laptop or other equipment. The hazard won’t come until the item begins to rust away, degenerate and leach those hazardous elements into the soil and water.

Universal waste is only considered hazardous once the electronics recycling has been carried out and the item ends up in the landfill. After sitting there for a prolonged amount of time, the hazardous chemicals begin to seep out of them and into the surrounding ground, becoming grievous impacts on our environment once they start to come into contact with humans, animals, plant life, soil or water.

Most people have no idea what kind of hazardous chemicals we’re talking about when we use the blanket term hazardous waste. We’re really talking about toxic waste that must be properly disposed of, not left in our community’s ground to harm the environment. Chemicals inside of our electronics include:

- Mercury, which bio-accumulates in the body and is never flushed. Over the course of a lifetime it can lead to live and brain damage.

- Lead, that lies dormant in the body until it causes kidney damage, cancer and other grave illness.

- Dioxins, one of the main reasons to perform electronics recycling. These are so toxic that manufacturers do not even use them in electronics products, but are formed when these items are burned or melted. To briefly touch on the importance of recycling your e-waste, it is so essential because there are unscrupulous people who dispose of e-waste overseas where it is often burned or processed with acid baths to extract the precious metals. This simply must be kept from happening.

Excess Logic is proud to provide free e-waste recycling throughout San Jose and the San Fran Bay area for companies, and will pick up absolutely as well as offer free drop off at their facility.

Contacting an e-waste recycling company in San Jose ensures that it will be managed responsibly, safely breaking down the electronics and sending the separated hazardous components for re-processing. Contact Excess Logic by calling 650-307-7553 and rest easy knowing you won’t have to lift a finger. 

E-waste Recycling San Jose