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Excess Logic — Recycling Lab Equipment for a Greener Tomorrow.

Excess Logic provides Laboratories and Research & Development companies with specialized equipment disposition, recycling and remarketing services. Our focus is to retain working equipment from laboratories that are currently being renovated and recycle this equipment to protect the environment.

When your project is complete, Excess Logic is your trusted partner to provide the most beneficial solution for your company, ensuring that your used equipment does not end up in the landfills.

Certain medical equipment often involves special handling and specialized reporting. Excess Logic has the expertise to manage the details and we work closely with equipment manufacturers and end users to responsibly manage retired medical equipment.

Excess Logic has extensive experience in this market and has accepted, resold and shared profits on specialized laboratory equipment with our clients. We handle specialized equipment such as laboratory, fabrication, manufacturing, and test and measurement equipment as well as excess inventory parts, supplies, and finished products.
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