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Turn Your Returns Into Success
The flow of RMAs (returned products and materials from consumer to retailer) is known as the reverse supply chain. With online sales projected to increase by 56% over the next 5 years from $335B to $523B, an anticipated 30% customer return rate will equate to an increasing volume of return transactions that will need to be processed.

Excess Logic’s returns management solution is a comprehensive end to end reverse supply chain system which sharply reduces the expenses associated with RMAs processing, warehousing, and logistics.
We specialize in returning your products back into the supply chain in a more economical and expedited manner thus converting the products into cash quickly. Our solution provides companies with an effective and efficient option to manage returned products, relieve the hassle of logistically dealing with the returns, and allows you to regain operational efficiency which drives more dollars to your bottom line.

The most significant benefit of returns management is the opportunity to realize a second-chance profit from your products through “B-market” resale. Consider the effect that refurbishing your returns can have on your bottom line through the following example: If you initially invest $50 to produce a product, once it is sold at a price of $100, you have profited from that sale by $50.

However, if the product is returned, that profit is erased, and you have a loss of $50.

From here you may recoup $10 if you liquidate the product; and–in addition–you will incur a $40 loss and potentially lose control of where the product is resold (which will result in eroding customer loyalty, and further decrease any value).

If you spend an additional $10 to refurbish the returned product and put it back into a “B-market” channel at a price of $75 — once it is sold — you recoup a second-chance profit; and, you maintain control over your product’s final destination.

You no longer have to settle for losing money or breaking even on your returns! Refurbishing gives you the option of reselling your products and recouping a profit, as well as tapping into new revenue streams.

We Close The Loop On Returns For Your Success!

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While most companies have optimized their operational workflow for products leaving the warehouse, handling returned merchandise from consumers has a detrimental impact to their workflow as they are processed back into their systems. Excess Logic understands the complexities of reverse logistics management and our returns management solution enables organizations to meet these increasing service demands by minimizing expenses, as well as improving the bottom line while making a positive environmental, economic, and social impact.

With over 100 Million registered active buyers in both the domestic and international marketplaces, Excess Logic can optimize marketing and sales channels specific to each company’s brand to attract, maintain, and retain the right buyers for their returned products. Excess Logic is a trusted logistical partner and you can feel confident that once your products are received into our returns management system, we will quickly process them according to strict pre-set guidelines determined by your company for each product line or we will quickly determine the optimal disposition for your products. We provide a full suite of reports and data analytics that document every step we take.

Excess Logic takes the stress out of managing returned merchandise and helps your company turn these products into cash quickly.
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