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8 Benefits of a One-Stop Solution by Excess Logic

There are eight benefits of using the one-stop solution provided by Excess Logic: 1. You recover up to 80 cents on a dollar of the current market value. 2. You reduce by 300% the cost of surplus asset management by dealing with only one company that takes care of your performing and non-performing assets. 3.…
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Excess Logic Excess Equipment Remarketing Video 3 min

Today, any Modern organization have a mix of performing and non-performing surplus assets that need to be taken care of. Performing surplus assets are the assets that can be resold and recovered value can be reinvested. Performing assets usually include R&D, Analytical, Test and Measurement equipment, Electronic, Electrical, Telecommunication, Production, Computer, IT, Networking and Data…
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IT Asset Disposal and Remarketing Solutions

In today’s digital world, companies use a vast variety of electronic devices to collect, store and transfer an enormous amount of data. This data may include customer and employee information as well as highly confidential company information. When it’s time to renew the equipment all companies have three important things to do: - Safely destroy…
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