Recycle Computer Assets

Recycle Computer AssetsAre you searching for a convenient and affordable way to recycle your computer equipment and assets? One call to Excess Logicand your e-waste problems will be a thing of the past. Excess Logic offers no-cost recycling of laptops, desktop computers, lab equipment, electronics, semiconductor equipment, biotech equipment and much more.

If you’re currently paying for a service that picks up and recycles your e-waste, you can call Excess Logic and put that money back to work in your company elsewhere while Excess Logic takes care of your recycling needs for free. Their service to your community is geared toward protecting the environment and helping businesses like yours eliminate their accumulated electronics.

You may be surprised to learn that some or all of your equipment may be turned into revenue for your company, instead of simply being recycled. Excess Logic can help you dispose of surplus equipment and even remarket your equipment, sharing the profits from the sale with your company. Let an expert from Excess Logic have a look at your surplus machinery, equipment and electronics to determine if they can be repurposed.

If you’re concerned with the alarming amount of e-waste filling up your area’s landfill, make a call to Excess Logic at 650-307-7553 and they’ll schedule a stop at your facility with 100% free of charge recycling service, including same-day pick-up of your surplus computer equipment and assets. Do your part to make a difference in the United States’ e-waste epidemic:

- Only 13% of e-waste is currently being properly disposed of or recycled.
- Compare the US with 29% globally
- 9.4 million tons of e-waste produced annually in the US
- 41.8 million metric tons of e-waste being shipped to developing countries every year
- 20 million TVs being disposed of annually
- 41 million computers discarded
- 152 million cell phones discarded

You may ask what one company can do to fight these numbers. The answer is simple- if everyone does their part to recycle each computer and all of the assets they are responsible for, enormous changes can be made. It starts in the community where you live and work. Excess Logic desires to protect their local environment, including the areas of Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Redwood City and throughout all of California.

Safe and secure e-waste disposal is guaranteed with Excess Logic. Their experts will dispose of your sensitive data with strict adherence to the current DoD disposal standards, which currently require seven passes. If you’ve been looking for a recycling and disposal company that has your best interest at heart, consider making a call to Excess Logic today and leave your surplus equipment worries behind you.

Excess Logic can solve your current issues with IT Asset Disposition, Surplus Equipment and Excess Inventory Recovery, E-waste Recycling, Data Destruction, Equipment Remarketing and more.

Discover why more businesses in your community champion Excess Logic and its efforts to keep e-waste out of your landfill. Check out the Excess Logic website to learn more or call 650-307-7553. Recycle Computer Assets