Recycle Tech Assets

Recycle Tech AssetsAre you looking to recycle your tech assets? Excess Logic may be able to recover a significant amount of your company’s initial investment through remarketing and profit sharing. Let an expert from Excess Logic come out to your facility and have a look at your unwanted or excess tech assets to determine their value.

If your company is like most others, you probably have a storage room or warehouse where you’re currently keeping your unused, unwanted or otherwise excess equipment while it’s not being used. You may not be aware that every day that passes means a diminished value of your tech assets. Your unwanted company assets can provide a significant boost in your bottom line. Make a call to Excess Logic at 650-307-7553 and let their experts recycle your tech assets for your financial gain.

If you’ve had the task of managing your company’s unused assets dumped in your lap, it could be that you’ve inherited a dirty job that no one else wanted to deal with. Too often, companies lead their employees to believe that the loss incurred from out-dated assets is just part of doing business in today’s tech-savvy world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your company’s tech assets could very well positively impact their monthly revenue.

The key to getting the most out of what you have is to partner with a company that possesses connections in the right markets, is able to quickly remarket your assets, and is reliable in destroying your company’s sensitive data. Excess Logic is in the business of helping local companies recycle their tech assets to recover the highest amount of their initial investment as is possible.

Excess Logic knows you have more important things to do at your workplace than manage the storage, marketing, shipping and other details involved in selling your assets- in fact, you most likely don’t have the connections essential in finding the right buyer. Excess Logic’s experts know which disposition channels will yield the highest return and will market your tech assets properly.

Your company deserves to partner with a company that is dedicated to the safe and secure removal of your data, which is why Excess Logic uses the Department of Defense Data Wipe process to every hard drive with 7 passes. They also perform professional shredding of DVDs, CDs and tapes for ultimate protection. After your data wipe process has been completed, your company will be provided with a Data Destruction Certificate for your company records.

No other company can recycle your tech assets with the same level of dedication to providing you with the highest amount of return. Excess Logic seeks to meet the needs of your company by providing timely and professional services that include Asset Recovery, Data Destruction, Lab Equipment marketing, Surplus Equipment Recovery and more.

Make the call to Excess Logic at 650-307-7553 and let their professionals pick up your assets free of charge, store them in their Fremont facility, market, sell, and finally, share the profits with your company. Recycle Tech Assets