Returns Management

Returns ManagementExcess Logic provides affordable Returns Management services throughout the San Jose and surrounding areas. More companies trust Excess Logic to manage their RMAs for numerous reasons. We invite you to take a closer look at how professional Returns Management from Excess Logic can save your company money.

The anticipated 30% customer return rate from online sales has led to a significant reduction in revenue for companies that are not able to adequately manage their returned products and materials. Many companies are turning to outsourcing as a solution to preventing loss of revenue and protection of their bottom line, however it’s not an easy decision who to hire.

Excess Logic specializes in the implementation of returning your products back into the supply chain in a way that saves your company money, converting the returned products into cash quickly. Their experts provide returns management with comprehensive reverse supply chain system solutions that sharply reduce the expenses your company will accrue with RMA processing, warehousing and logistics. Take a closer look at the Returns Management process through Excess Logic:

- It starts with expert management of your product returns, from retail and online sales, combined with excess and obsolete inventory
- Value Recovery Services protect your brand while improving profitability and organizational efficiency
- Multi-channel marketing through online and direct sales channels provide maximum recovery rates
- Excess Logic possesses a network of connections in custom-branded storefronts to quickly liquidate your products.

If your company is like most others, you have most likely worked hard to optimize workflow for goods that are leaving your warehouse while spending little time organizing and optimizing for returns, however returned merchandise is a make-or-break component of doing business in today’s market. Don’t let the complexities of reverse logistics management get in the way of your profits. Let Excess Logic take charge of your company’s Returns Management process.

As a trusted logistical partner, Excess Logic will quickly process your returns according to strict, pre-set guidelines that are determined by your company. Their experts will manage efficient disposition for each individual or line of product in question. You’ll be provided with full reports and data analytics at every step of the way.

Reduce the costs associated with managing your own returns and support a smaller in-house administration team. Protect your revenue by allowing Excess Logic to reintroduce returned products back into your supply chain or through another outlet to recover as much of your resource as possible. If product disposal is necessary, Excess Logic will manage the details in such a way that your company will not have to worry about fines.

Today’s market demands professional Returns Management as a successful business practice that results in efficient productivity and profitability. Excess Logic’s services can assist your company in determining where unreliable suppliers are taxing your resources, so you can focus on suppliers that are making your company profits.

Call an expert from Excess Logic today at 650-307-7553 to learn more, or use the online contact form located on the Excess Logic website to request a consultation with one of their specialists.