Tech Liquidators

Tech LiquidatorsPartner with the professional tech liquidators from Excess Logic to clear out your old surplus and excess equipment and get paid cash for items that are currently taking up valuable company space. If you’re currently using an in-house employee to manage your surplus equipment, you’ll find it to be more productive to outsource your recovery to a company with experience and contacts.

Managing surplus inventory can prove to be a challenge to any company that stores equipment that is no longer in use or items that may or may not be of use at a later time. With the help of expert tech liquidators from Excess Logic, the entire process is streamlined, with the added benefit of revenue coming in to your company from equipment that would otherwise be considered a waste of company resources.

Excess Logic offers free pickup of your lab equipment or other surplus assets. Instead of these items being a burden to your facility, Excess Logic can liquidate your assets for you through their trusted network of vendors, obtain the best price possible through trusted partnerships, and share the profits with your company.

Trained tech liquidators and technicians will assist your facility with the de-installation and removal of your equipment, managing the entire process from start to finish. Your equipment will be well-cared for, stored, marketed and sold efficiently and reliably. There’s nothing for your company to do but make the phone call to Excess Logic.

Security of your data is top priority to Excess Logics experts. They’ll apply the DoD Data Wipe process to all of your hard drives and perform shredding for your DVDs, CDs and tapes. You’ll receive a Data Destruction Certificate for your company’s records and payment for your surplus equipment at the time of the sale. Rest easy knowing that the professionals are handling every phase of your liquidation.

Compare the Excess Logic advantage:

- Customers realize 3X more revenue than by equipment auctions
- Customers realize 10X more value for their surplus than by recycling
- Excess Logic’s resell channels increase proceeds for their customers- as much as 80% of the original value of the equipment

Call the company with experience and expertise. Excess Logic’s tech liquidators have proven capability to quickly turn your surplus assets into cash that can be reinvested back into your company. Simply call 650-307-7553 and Excess Logic’s crew will pick up your equipment at no cost to you; in fact, they’ll manage every detail of the process, from storing your equipment in their Fremont facility to sanitation of your data, marketing, completion of the transaction and finally, sharing the profits with your company.

Waiting to take action will cause your assets to lose value. Having a trusted liquidation company as a partner you can call on at a moment’s notice will help you realize the highest rate of return on your equipment investment. We invite you to check out the Excess Logic website where you’ll find a wealth of information to help your company make the best decision with regard to asset liquidation. Feel free to call the tech liquidators today at 650-307-7553.