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What will you be equipped to do after reading this white paper?

When an organization needs to dispose of surplus electronic assets it faces three crucial problems:

  • 1 How to Maximize return on investment in electronic assets?
  • 2 How to Minimize the cost of electronic asset disposition?
  • 3 How to Mitigate liabilities from electronic asset disposition?


After reading this white paper you will be able to compare the way you are using right now with alternatives and make a rational decision based on facts and numbers in favor of the way which is more convenient, cost efficient, more environmentally responsible, protects your organization from any liabilities and returns more on your investments in electronic assets.

Five ways to deal with surplus electronic assets

Storing and Selling Used Electronic Assets Yourself

You need to pay employees who deal with creating lists of electronic assets, sends itemized lists to potential buyers then deals with the bids and the questions.

Using E-waste Recycling Companies

Since recycling companies, in general, scrap all electronic assets, they recover much less value from sales of electronic assets than they could recover if they sell them as equipment.

Selling surplus electronic assets to resellers

When you deal with resellers you need to find another company that will either buy the rest of the electronic assets or helps you to dispose of remnants.

Auctions for surplus asset disposition

Auctions sell assets by aggregated lots at wholesale prices which in turn reduces your potential ROI by 50-70%. Auctions don’t provide e-waste recycling and disposal of unsold assets and e-waste.

Using One-Stop Solution

A One-stop solution covers all electronic asset disposal, remarketing and recycling needs. Since one-stop solution companies sell performing assets via the biggest international online marketplaces they reach 100+ millions of buyers and recover maximum value.

Free Bonus Inside

Online calculator of ROI in electronic assets.

Find out how much money your company could earn additionally this year from fully depreciated electronic assets.


Excess Logic the recovery of your surplus assets effortless

Your company can prevent surplus equipment from being discarded in landfills. 98% of your surplus equipment will be resold, supporting growth of your business.


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