6 Tips For Passing An IT Asset Disposition Audit

Every year, millions of unwanted PCs and other IT assets are discarded by individuals and businesses. Hence, the need for appropriate IT asset disposition cannot be overemphasized. There are regulatory bodies that are tasked with ensuring that businesses follow the right processes in disposing their IT assets. Businesses that are not compliant with the set rules are often penalized.

At times, businesses will be subjected to an IT asset disposition audit to ascertain their level of compliance. To pass the audit, a business need to have a well-thought-out and fully documented asset disposition process. Here, we will briefly discuss six tips that can help any business to pass the audit.

Delegate IT Asset Disposition to the Right Personnel

There is need to delegate everything that concerns IT asset disposal to the right people in your organization. There should be senior IT decision makers in any organization and they have to be in charge of asset disposition too.

Collect and Track the Right Data

When you collect and track the right information, it is easier to be compliant. Your internal process for serial number validation, for instance, needs to match the process used externally by your vendor. When this is the case, reconciliation issues will not arise in the future. It is crucial to coordinate with your vendor to ensure that your processes align.

Do Not Forget About Embedded Media

It is not enough to ensure proper hard drive erasure: failure to eliminate embedded media can make you fail IT asset disposition audit. It is even hard for many to identify the location of embedded media. Take care to remember them and eliminate properly during data destruction.

Stick To a Consistent Chain of Custody

In addition to adhering to best practices, it is important that you stick to a consistent chain of custody for all IT assets. It is often better when you let a particular recycler handle asset disposition for you. Involving different approaches and companies can lead to reporting inconsistencies.

Ensure That You Work With a Trusted and Experienced Asset Disposal Company

It is important that you work with an experienced and reputable disposal company. A good recycler is conversant with compliance issues and will work with your IT decision makers to ensure that all the regulations are obeyed during disposition.

Get Certificates of Data Destruction and Other Important Documents

During audit, you will need to show certificate of data destruction. There are other important documents that will proof that you are compliant. Ask for these certificates from any recycler and keep them safe.

There you have it! Above are some useful tips to help you pass an IT asset disposition audit. Proper IT asset disposal is essential. This is why audits are taken seriously by regulatory bodies. By embracing best practices, you will have no compliance issues. The tips above can always help you to pass the audit.

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