7 Tips For Successful IT Asset Disposal And Remarketing

Just like other assets, IT equipment becomes obsolete. Getting rid of them, however, requires extra care as they are sensitive and contain confidential information. If disposed of carelessly, they can get into the wrong hands and that is not a risk any business should take.

For many companies, removing old IT assets brings about expenses, but this doesn’t have to be the case. The recent trend now is for companies to use IT asset disposition services and generate some revenue from remarketing of their old IT assets like computers, laptops, servers, telephones, and others. To do this successfully, there are factors to be considered. Here, we will provide some general tips to follow for successful IT asset disposal and remarketing.

Have a Plan in Place

Newer versions of IT assets are released into the market continuously and there is need to keep up with latest innovations and efficient infrastructure. Being aware of this, there is need to have a plan in place on how to dispose and replace cost-effectively.

Keep Everything Complete and Organized

Another tip for a successful IT asset disposal is to keep all your equipment organized. A system with missing parts will bring in a return that is far from its actual value. While your assets are being used, it is essential to keep a close tab on how they are being used to ensure that they are complete and organized when they are due for a change.

Pack Efficiently

While packing, it is essential to do it in such a manner that everything is well organized and can be conveniently moved by those providing the disposal and remarketing services.

Dispose At the Right Time

Timing also plays a significant role in successful IT asset disposal and remarketing. When a new line of hardware is released into the market, it won’t take long for the secondary market to be flooded by past generation you need to sale when demand is still relatively high.

Consider the Different Factors for Resale Value

It is vital that you consider all the factors that will affect the value of the infrastructure you hope to dispose of. Such factors as the initial market value, rate of depreciation, age of the product, and the demand in the secondary market will all count.

Inspect Pickup of All Physical Assets

There are physical assets that may still be important as well as those that will not bring in a reasonable return. It is essential to specify the assets to be removed and inspect their removal to minimize cost and obtain optimum value for remarketed IT assets.  

Specify Your Data Destruction Need

Getting rid of the data in your outdated IT asset is more important than the revenue you can generate from remarketing them. Preventing data leakage should be your top priority, so make sure that those offering the disposal and remarking service erase all data or destroy some data-filled assets when that is necessary.

It is also important to stick to company policies while getting rid of IT assets. With the tips above, the asset disposal activity can quickly be turned from expense to revenue that will aid in bringing in the needed replacement.

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