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Recycling Electronic Waste: The 3 Rules you need to know about
Imagine your customers’ data finding itself in the wrong hands just because you didn’t follow the guidelines of proper electronics disposal. Or imagine the pile of old...
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The Simple Do’s and Don’t’s of Computer Disposal
Most companies lack a properly defined process for disposal of electronics, and particularly, decommissioning computers. And even for those that do, most often they aren’t prepared to...
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Disposing Machinery? A Liquidator may help you understand your Equipment Value
Usually, the motivation to sell a company may dictate the price you are willing to accept. If you were under duress from the Mob (an assumption, but...
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Something you need to know about Electronic Waste from your Office
Every business that calls itself modern relies heavily on electronic equipment to succeed and prosper. The modern office is laden with electronic wizardry that ranges from computers...
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5 Things you should be doing to Ready your Business for IT Asset Recovery
If a company is to remain relevant and competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace, one thing it should be doing is keeping itself at the forefront of technology,...
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Responsible IT Data and E-waste Disposal: What’s your Company doing?
When it comes to disposal of electronics, typically, cost effectiveness and security are the primary concerns. Over the last couple of decades, however, another motive as to...
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