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E-waste is a growing problem and is one of the most crucial challenges of this century, and that is why computer equipment recycling is in high demand. Still, many of the computer equipment recycling companies out there have the technology to handle the task as Excess Logic does. If you have outdated or unused computer equipment that needs recycling, let us take it off your hands. We'll pay you for it if it's salvageable.

Should I Recycle My Computer Equipment?

Electronics recycling can be challenging because discarded electronics are complex devices manufactured in varying proportions of glass, metals, and plastics. These materials need to be processed and separated into clean commodity streams that can be used to make new products. Resourceful production teams, trained technicians, systematic and secure processing allows Excess Logic allows our recycling solutions to provide our customers with closed-loop recycling services.

This enables you to ensure environmentally-sound processing of your retired electronics while minimizing the risk that's involved with handling sensitive digital data.

How Does Computer Recycling Work?

Efficient separation of materials is the foundation of effective electronics recycling. The initial shredding of equipment facilitates the sorting and separation of plastics from metals and internal circuitry. As a conveyer belt transfers shredded materials, a powerful overhead magnet separates iron and steel from the waste stream. This separated material is collected in gaylord boxes and prepared for sale as recycled steel.

Further mechanical processing separates aluminum, copper, and circuit boards from the material stream, which by this point, is mostly plastic. Visual inspection and hand sorting improve the quality of the extracted materials. The separated streams of aluminum, copper, and circuit boards and collected in gaylord boxes and prepared for sale as recycled commodity materials.

Using advanced separation technology. ABS plastic is separated from polystyrene plastic. This important separation step improves the reuse potential and manufacturing of next generation products. Few recyclers invest in this innovative technology.

The final step in the separation process locates and extracts any remaining metal remnants from the plastics to create as pure a stream as possible. This results in the more efficient reuse of recycled materials. Excess Logic is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of computer equipment recycling.

Why Recycle Computer Equipment?

As mentioned at the outset, e-waste is a growing problem and is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing challenges of our lifetimes. e-Waste is extremely toxic to the environment and lasts for hundreds, if not thousands of years. e-Waste contaminates water, land, and air supplies, a problem we already have enough of in today's world!

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If you are interested in professional computer equipment recycling, contact Excess Logic today. We can take it off your hands, and you might even get paid for it. Excess Logic is a recycling solution you can count on.


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