Don’t Forget To Recycle Electronics!

Did you know that millions of tons of electronics are improperly thrown away every year, which can create quite the hazard? Many electronics have components made of things such as mercury and lead, which can leach into the environment, including water sources. Even disposing of them directly into a landfill doesn't prevent this from occurring.

Children die every day from contaminated water around the world, and that is a trend that needs to stop. You can recycle electronics through a company like Excess Logic to improve the amount of materials that are recycled and reduce the amount of waste that sits in the landfills. Recycling is also beneficial to businesses, allowing them to get money back on some of the equipment that they have just sitting around.

How do you dispose of electronics? 

Electronics are rapidly being replaced every day by newer and faster models. When you get a newer computer or cell phone, what do you do with the older one? Components found within these electronics are hazardous to just toss out into the trash, so you will want to find a different way to deal with them and recycle electronics.

You can dispose of electronics in a variety of different ways, including using buyback programs where the company takes your old equipment when you're buying a new one to recycle. You can also use an e-waste recycling company such as Excess Logic to properly recycle your electronics and minimize the waste that is formed. This has the added advantage of being beneficial to the economy by boosting jobs.

In some areas, there are Eco ATMs where you can get money back for recycling your electronics. These "ATMs" are becoming increasingly common around the world, so you might not have to look too far to find one. Even computer cables can be recycled, and you may earn cash back on these items.

Can you throw away electronics wires?

You should never throw electronics away into the trash. Cords and power cables can be just as dangerous to the environment as regular electronics can. Instead, the wires for your electronics should be recycled through an e-waste company to keep them from leeching hazards into the environment.

You can also donate electronics and wires through some school programs, so contact your local school and see if they can use old equipment, such as power cables or keyboards. Many thrift stores also take electronics and cables, so you may be able to get a tax write-off.

Laptop hard drive

Steel components in your wires are not just recyclable; they might be profitable for you. Steel does not lose its durability when it is recycled, and many companies will pay you for materials that have steel parts in them.

Excess Logic offers a variety of recycling options for businesses and citizens, allowing you to recycle your electronics in an environmentally friendly way. You might even find that you can get a return on investment for some of your items, saving your company money while helping the environment.

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