Electronic Equipment Recycling May Save Our Earth

 <a target= electronic equipment recycling" />Recycling is a growing trend for plastic, paper glass and more. What is even more critical is the need for electronic equipment recycling for the mounds of IT waste piling up internationally. If you can avoid throwing away your old computer, that would be a small step in the right direction.

What is the big problem with e-waste?

E-waste is out-dated or completely broken electronics that cannot realistically be reusable in modern life. The mix of toxic materials and piling landfills is not something we want to leave behind for future generations.

Some notable toxic chemicals are barium, mercury, lithium, and lead. These materials are found in just about anything and usually in higher quantities for very old products. The chemicals in the casings are also pretty dangerous, so it's not like its in a contained environment.

The toxins are bioaccumulative, meaning that underlying health risks will remain even if materials are burned and buried. It is noticeable in many third world countries where materials are being shipped for scrapped using primitive methods.

It is entirely possible to reuse or repurpose old electronics but still in a limited capability. For example, you may repair a decade-old computer and install a new operating system for those that cannot afford something new. At the same time, replacement parts are being produced in China, leading to more e-waste for future generations.

How do you recycle old electronics?

When you have an old computer that isn’t worth repairing or attempting to resell, the easiest method would be to toss it into the bin. If you actually care about the longevity of this planet, you should instead take it to an electronic equipment recycling facility.

Some depending on your area, some businesses will have a drop off point or home pick-up services. For stuff that’s a little more valuable, there may even be the option to mail items in pre-paid packages. Overall, don’t expect to get money as most places are just taking donations.

Is it safe to throw away a printer?

Just like other forms of electronic recycling, many centers are more than welcome to take your old printer. You should be mindful if there is any ink or components that have value as you may be able to extract them before recycling them.

Is there gold in e-waste?

While it has great variance, gold can be found in certain connections of computers and other electronics. In particular, pins in computer processors will have a noticeable amount, which I why some scrapper will hoard them.

The issue is that gold is found in limited quantities and require dangerous chemicals to extract and purify. They are so dangerous that people have died from inhaling the fumes during gold extraction. Not only that, your neighborhood probably won’t appreciate you putting dangerous chemicals in the local environment.

While companies and organizations are working to mitigate our e-waste problem, the problem is accumulating at a fast pace. Do your part and drop off your computer or old electronics at our recycling facility.

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