Garbage Bins

Garbage Bins

Garbage Bin Services By Trash King

At times, its important to consider hiring garbage bin services by waste haulers in your area. Sure, you could probably load up your pickup truck and make three trips to the dump, wait in line and unload your own garbage but when it you factor in the cost of garbage disposal from tipping fees, fuel and the opportunity cost of your time, it's hardly worth the effort.

At Trash King we recommend hiring garbage bin services from a professional waste disposal company. If you are in the Greater Vancouver Regional District then we have garbage bins that are perfect for whatever your needs are.

Commercial Garbage Bins For Rent

If you are a business who creates garbage through your trade, craft or operation then we have a commercial garbage bin. We have sizes from 4 yards, 6 yards, 8 yards and 10 yards.

If you are a tenant doing a cleanup at your property, then we have residential garbage bins in our inventory for you to rent. You can load up all your junk, trash, rubbish, clutter, basement refuse, attic crap, old appliances, furniture etc. and we can take it away.

If you are a contractor looking for a construction garbage bin, then we have one of those for you too. Simply call our commercial garbage services hotline at (604) 433-5865 and find out why our bins services are top notch.

Our garbage bins replace junk disposal, rubbish removal and trash hauling. We are waste disposal company that provides garbage bins for rent in Metro Vancouver.

Did you know that we divert thousands of tons of garbage from our dumpsters?

Yup, that's not a typo, we partner with local recycling facilities who actually sort through your garbage and find ways to recycle, reuse and repurpose waste into useful items that can be sold as scrap for an innovative purpose.

For example, our wood is recycled and turned into wood chips with a variety of agricultural, domestic and commercial applications.

Another example is scrap metal, where its all collected together and sold to China by the barge load. The quantities are so vast that you actually need three barges at a time to make the transaction big enough to capture the most recovery value from the steel. Buying power is a considerable asset when dealing with commodities like scrap metal.

Best Garbage Bins For Waste Disposal In Canada

If you are looking for the best garbage bins and waste disposal services call 604-433-5865 now. We have an inventory of dumpsters and bins for your to rent.

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