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Used Shipping Containers For Sale

Used Shipping Containers For Sale

Why Buy Used Shipping Containers for Sale from Pesa Container Contractors

It can be quite easy to exceed your budget when buying used shipping containers for sale. At Pesa Container Contractors, we understand that containers can be an essential part of your construction project or business. Therefore, we make it easier for buyers to buy a used shipping container online or in our facility. Many of our clients purchase used shipping containers to stay within budget. There are many other benefits of buying used shipping containers. 

Low Cost

A notable benefit of buying used shipping containers from Pesa Container Contractors is the affordability of our products. To understand how much does a 20 ft storage container cost and get a clear idea of the cost of shipping containers, you need to compare the price of new and used shipping containers.

New shipping containers may cost up to ten thousand dollars. On the other hand, our used shipping containers may cost between a few hundred dollars and $3000.


The actual cost of a shipping container is determined by its size and where it is bought. However, used shipping containers generally cost less than new ones. In addition, it can be quite affordable to transport used shipping containers due to their portability. Nevertheless, the shipping costs can be quite high if you plan to transport the containers across the country.


Another benefit of used shipping containers is their eco-friendly nature. Buying used shipping containers slows down the manufacture of new containers. This has a positive impact on the environment because it minimizes CO2 emissions and the amount of steel waste.


Shipping containers are designed to last for many years. They are built to withstand the elements outdoors. In addition, used shipping containers make excellent construction materials because they can withstand earthquakes.


Once you understand the costs and benefits of used shipping containers, the next things you probably want to know is how do you buy a used shipping container? Or how much is a 40 shipping container?

Consider several factors when buying used shipping containers. First, you need to determine how long you plan to use the container. This is a critical consideration because many companies rent shipping containers without understanding why they do not own them. Renting shipping containers for a prolonged period is not cheap or financially practical because the rental rates do not apply to the purchase of the container.

The rates of renting a container are quite competitive, and many companies lose money on pickup and delivery. Consider buying a shipping container if you intend to use it for a prolonged period or permanently.

Delivery Location

Find out if your location is spacious enough for a shipping container. You need adequate space for the delivery of the container. If you are planning to buy a 40-foot container, you need space that is twice the length of the container plus an extra 10 feet to deliver the container.

Understand your area’s building codes and restrictions. Some counties and municipalities have restrictions against containers. It is up to you to research the codes.

The delivery location must be level; otherwise, the doors of the shipping container may not work correctly. In addition, the delivery location must have adequate drainage to prevent the shipping container from sinking.

The shipping container market is full of good deals, bad deals, and everything in between. Good deals are what Pesa Container Contractors is all about. We offer excellent shipping and storage containers for sale. Choose Pesa Container Contractors because we work hard to meet your expectations.


Used Shipping Containers For Sale
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