6 Benefits Of Efficient IT Asset Disposition

IT asset disposition is one key operation that needs to be done as efficiently as possible. These assets, when they are still useful in an organization, are used to store and transmit confidential information. They will pose a security risk if they are not correctly disposed of. Here, we will look at some of the benefits of eliminating these IT assets efficiently and responsibly:

It Lowers Logistics Costs

An efficient IT asset disposition ensures that the overall process is accomplished in a seamless manner that will reduce the cost of logistics. With an ITAD program in place, the whole process involved in gathering, removing, refurbishing or remarketing of obsolete IT assets is well coordinated that unnecessary costs are eliminated.

It Helps You to Recoup Value

Gone are the days when IT asset disposal was only an expense factor. With an efficient ITAD program, there is value to be recouped by disposing obsolete IT infrastructure. At the secondary market, your old computers and other IT equipment still have some value and will fetch some revenue that can be used in bringing in new ones.

It Ensures Data Security

This is the most important reason to opt for efficient IT asset disposition. The old assets still have most of the information stored in them and if sent to the secondary market or abandoned in a careless manner can lead to data breach that will cause harm to a company and its associates. When the efficient method is used, the assets are properly protected until the data they contain are fully destroyed and they are ready to be refurbished or remarketed.

Gives Control over IT Inventory

Getting rid of obsolete IT assets and bringing in new ones is not the easiest thing to do. Keeping tab of the entire process can be very hard and things can easily get lost. With an efficient ITAD program, it is easier to track the inventory and ensure that every single asset is accounted for.

Corporate and Regulatory Compliance

During asset disposition, every company is expected to comply with corporate and regulatory standards, irrespective of the industry it operates under. When a company fails to adhere to the recommended standard, it can incur personal loss. In addition to that, there may be some form of penalty like fine or more severe measure. The reputation of such an organization/band can be severely damaged.

Helps Tackle E-Waste Crisis  

Electronic waste crisis is a reality. As more gadgets are produced, more are also discarded and when a company fails to use the standard and efficient method of disposition, this problem is compounded. When a company opt to use efficient IT asset disposition, they are actually helping to tackle the crisis.

The importance of efficient IT asset disposition cannot be overemphasised. The benefits are numerous and few have been highlighted in this article. It is expected that companies take advantage of its technical and economic benefits.

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