6 Tips for Your Computer Donation

We are fast approaching the holiday season and it may be that time of the year, again, when you need to upgrade your IT assets. It is unlikely that your old computer systems are dead but you really need new ones and have to get rid of them even if they still have some life in them. You have many options at this point but computer donation is one of the best ways to do away with your old system. There are individuals or organizations that will find your old computers very useful and donating will be a charitable and honorable thing to do. It is also environmentally smart. Thinking of donating your computer, here are some helpful tips:

Be Sure the Old Computer Can Be Reused

The first step is to be certain if your computer is in a good condition to be reused. Is the computer system still fully operational? Is it having technical issues? How long have you been using the computer? These are important questions you need to answer. When you are certain of the state of your computer, it should guide your next step.

Newer Equipment Should Be Refurbished

The condition of your computer should determine how you donate. If your computers are less than 5 years old, it may be better to send them to refurbishers instead of donating directly to your favorite charity or local school. The refurbishers repair and upgrade the computers and send to the right people that need it at little or no cost to the recipient. 

Older or Broken Equipment Should Be Recycled

As has been repeatedly mentioned, computer donation decisions should be based on the condition of the computer. Older IT assets (computers above five years) or ones that are already broken are better suited for recycling. Here, the useful parts are salvaged while the parts that are less important are safely broken down and disposed.

Erase Important Information before Donating

The information contained in your computer shouldn’t be there when they your home or organization. No matter who you are donating to, wipe your computer clean. There are disk-cleaning software that can be very helpful but you should get an expert to do it if you need to.

Donate To a Responsible Organizations

While donating your computer is an honorable thing to do, the organization you donate to matters a lot. Work with responsible refurbishers or recyclers to make sure that your computer ends up in the right hands.

Keep a List of What You Donate 

Record keeping is always important and you surely need to keep a list of the assets you donate. When you donate to nonprofit refurbishers or recyclers, you may be eligible for tax deductions; this can be very helpful.

Computer donation is one noble and environmentally smart way to get rid of your old computers. It is also important to do it the right way and the tips here can be helpful. In case you have old computer to donate, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Excess Logic.

Computer Donation

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