Computer Donation Tips: 6 Tips for Donating Used Computers

After buying a new computer system, a lot of individuals and businesses hardly know what to do with the old ones. Instead of locking it up in your store room, have you considered donating them? Computer donation offers a more efficient way of getting rid of old or used computer systems. As different organizations, companies, and individuals are looking for ways to get rid of used computers, we have compiled a list of six ways to donate used computers.

Donate to a Recycler

There are electronics recyclers out there that are making new technological products out of old ones. When you are looking for one, choose a recycled that engaged in safe electronic recycling processes. The recycling standards ensure the environment's and worker's safety.

Find Out if the Computer can be reused

Before you consider sending your old computer to a refurbisher, ascertain if it can be used by another person. Given that the average lifespan of a computer ranges from seven to eight years, you can extend its lifespan by donating to another person for reuse.

Recycle Damaged Computer

If your computer is older than its average lifespan and has gone kaput then you should send it to a recycling factory. A computer recycler breaks down the computer components to salvage whatever that is left, safely removing and destroying harmful components in the process.

Donate to Charity

Are you wondering if it's possible to donate the old computer at your office or home to charity? While not many nonprofit organizations will make use of secondhand computers, many will still find them useful. Find out charity organizations that are in need of used computers and donate. It is also a great way for the organization to raise money by selling the equipment you donate.

Wipe Off Personal Information from the Computer

Performing a disk cleaning of your old computer before donation protects you from unauthorized access to your private information. This includes erasing your browser cookies, cache, history; email, contacts and other sensitive data.

Contact the Recipient before Donation

Whether you are donating to a nonprofit organization, school, or refurbisher, it is important to call them to ensure they accept the kind of donation you are about to make. Some organizations have protocols that donors have to follow.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips for donating used computers. Donating your old computer is a safe way to put it to good reuse while you aim for a new one. Whether it is your old computer system at home or workplace, donating it the right way is essential. With the tips above, you can now donate your used computer and other excess IT equipment in the best possible way.

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