How to Identify Reputable Computer Recycling Companies

How to Identify Reputable Computer Recycling Companies

It is expected that you understand the importance of computer recycling clearly. While you need to embrace it in order to avoid the hammers of regulatory bodies, you also need to respect the fact that it helps to preserve the environment. If you understand the facts stated above, then you should understand the need to work with reputable computer recycling companies. It is not really hard to find such companies but you need to be careful in order not to fall into the hands of dishonest individuals. Here, we will discuss few ways you can identify authentic and trustworthy recyclers.

They Must Have the Required License

Every computer recycling company is issued a license to operate in any given locality. Before you choose to work with any recycler, ensure that you see evidence of this license. Any company that doesn’t have the right license is unlikely to follow due process in computer recycling.

They Must Provide All Compliant Documents on the Day of Collection

There are important documentations you ought to have as proof that you are compliant with data protection acts and industry best practices. Such documentations as data destruction certificate and the rest should be signed and made available to you before they pick up the consignment. Ensure this is the practice before choosing any recycler.

They Should Use Approved Data Erase Software

In most countries and regions, there are software that are approved for data destruction. These reputable computer recycling companies make use of advanced software to erase your data as part of the recycling process. Ask before you hire them if the approved software are the ones they use.

They Should Agree To On-Site Media Destruction

There are several incidents of big and small organizations being penalized for data breaches. Most often, it is the fault of the recycling company. Enquire from the company you hope to work with if they offer on-site data destruction. Reputable companies will agree to the arrangement for all storage media.

They Do Not Include Any Hidden Charges

A reputable company will not include hidden charges in their services. When you ask for quotation, inform them that you want all the cost factors clearly stated. Let the company know that you are only willing to pay what is specified in a signed contract. Examine the quotation closely to ensure there are no hidden or inflated charges.

They Must Be Committed To Protecting the Environment

Reputable computer recycling companies are committed to the environment. You can easily find this from their websites. A business that makes effort to inform the public about e-waste, for instance, is showing commitment to the environment.

There you have it. Above are a couple of tips to help you identify reputable computer recycling companies It is important that you work with reputable IT recycling companies when you want to get rid of your IT assets and electronic wastes. The tips above will help you to identify one. Contact us today at Excess Logic to help get rid of your e-wastes and excess IT assets.

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