Liquidate Unwanted Assets

liquidate assets" src="" alt="liquidation" />When you need to liquidate assets, particularly e-waste, finding a certified company capable of handling sensitive materials and helping maintain your green footprint is crucial to brand image. Excess Logic deals with your assets whether they are medical or based on information technology or manufacturing. Our professionals handle equipment with care and help to derive more value than liquidators or remarketers.

Why is my e-waste so dangerous?

Electronic components and manufacturing equipment contain minerals and compounds that do not decompose easily. If left in landfills, they can eventually leach into the water table and cause irreparable harm to both your company and the surrounding community.

Laws and regulations increasingly target the effects of these materials. California’s Electronics Waste Recycling Act of 2003 creates an approval process for recycling and remarketing firms. These laws allow local governments to place further restrictions.

The regulatory environment is increasingly strict. Advancements in technology create an ever-growing stream of dangerous rare-earth minerals, plastics, chemicals, and metals.

Overall, an R2 certificate specifies that a company is qualified to handle this waste material. Our company maintains the qualifications allowing us to process your outdated electronics.

Do computers retain personal information?

It is important to handle unwanted electronics with care. Storage hardware contains yet another dimension. These devices persist personal and proprietary information when in use. Passwords, user data, and statistics vital to your mission need to be completely erased.

Unfortunately, merely wiping a hard drive does not eliminate this data. Many programs leave fragments that hackers can piece together with relative ease. Over the counter programs for data recovery are easy to obtain.

Specialized software capable of eliminating sensitive data is used in these situations. These programs dive deep into specific hardware to erase the fragments that hackers look for.

It is essential to find a recycling firm that deals with electronics in the best way possible from removal to disposal. We ensure the security of your materials and use leading practices to eliminate personal and proprietary information.

Are there benefits to using professional e-waste liquidators?

Companies such as ours understand that technology is expensive. Small businesses, non-profits, and organizations in developing countries are always looking for affordable alternatives. While you may need to use the most advanced technology possible, these firms make do with less.

Remarketing channels offer an opportunity for your outdated assets to obtain a second life. Our domestic and international channels create a source of revenue that we pass on to our customers. Simple liquidation is not the only answer to disposal.

Through resale, we provide 300 percent more value than liquidators. This allows you to reduce the cost of recycling greatly.

Non-profits have access to another benefit. These groups may write off up to fifty percent of the cost of the equipment.

Your company needs to liquidate assets to stay up to date. Modern equipment offers advantages over existing systems. Disposing of electronics properly avoids risking your vital information and maintains your green image. Contact us today to find out how we can help you derive more value through recycling and remarketing.

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