Imagine a SINGLE company handling ALL of your Excess Asset
Decommissioning needs Nationwide and Recover up to 80 cents on a dollar! You’ve found it.

Our solutions encompass ANYTHING you need to dispose of when you move, merge, acquire, downsize, upgrade, divest or liquidate your surplus and idle assets. Our one-stop solutions save you time and our remarketing methods get you maximum asset value.

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A One-stop solution is a solution that covers all electronic asset disposal, remarketing and recycling needs.

Frequently, today, modern organizations have a mix of excess electronic and non-electronic assets such as cubicles, office or lab furniture, metal scrap, RMAs and other miscellaneous excess inventory.


One-Stop Solution vs other solutions

# Solution Return on investmen E-waste
metal removal
Relieve from
1. Store and Sell
Depends on skills of the employee
2. E-waste Recycling
less than $.10 cents on a dollar
3. Reseller $.5-10 cents on a dollar
4. Auction $.30 cents on a dollar
5. One-Stop Solution $.80 cents on a dollar

Pros of using One-Stop Solution:

1.  When an organization has performing and non-performing assets a company, one-stop solution companies remove of all assets from organization’s facilities and move them to their facility.
2.  One-stop solution companies usually have at least one large scaled warehouse. With the infrastructure to sort out these assets into performing and non-performing groups. Then, in turn, remarket those of which are performing and dispose of non-performing assets.
3.  Performing assets are the assets that can be remarketed on the secondary market.
4.  Non-performing assets are the assets that need to be properly disposed of and recycled.
5.  One-stop solution provides data destruction with a certificate of destruction
6.  Since one-stop solution companies sell performing assets via the biggest international online marketplaces they reach 100+ millions of buyers and recover maximum market value.
7.  One-stop solution appraise the current market value and unlike auctions, that start from the small price and then moving up, one-stop solution sells performing assets at the current market price, which is the price the same or similar asset was sold for the last 90 days worldwide. Additionally, one-stop solution provides an option to place a best offer so potential buyers can place an offer and the best offer wins.

8.  One-stop solutions on average return up to 80 cents on a dollar of a market value which is eight times more than resellers and three times more than auctions.
9.  If your company has furniture, cubicles, metal scrap or returns from retail channels… a one stop solution takes care of them too. They pick up all your mentioned nonperforming assets and either dispose of them or resell (RMAs) via alternative channels to convert your cost of managing returns into revenues.
10.  The cost of disposal towards non-performing assets and RMAs, & remarketing services will be deducted from the sales of the total net proceeds. Finally, your organization receives up to 80% of net proceeds.
11.  Since the company that provides a one-stop solution has never used the assets they are selling, they will relieve your organization from any liabilities, from any returns and all legal disputes because they have nothing to disclose. One-stop solution will be like a firewall in all transactions.

Things to consider. When you deal with the one-stop solution you recover up to 80 cents on a dollar or the current market value. You don’t need to deal with several different vendors because one company covers all your excess asset, disposal and remarketing needs. No upfront payments required. No excess asset will be left behind or returned. The cost of pickups, sorting and disposal fee is deducted from the sales proceeds. You don’t pay for storage of the performing assets while they are selling regardless of the time it takes. You will be provided with a detailed sales report and a check, monthly. They provide data destruction and your organization will be relieved from any and all liabilities.

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