Protect Your Information With Thorough Data Destruction

data destruction" src="" alt="destroyed electronics" />Data destruction is vital to ensure customer safety. Data breaches are a particular risk in the information age. Excess Logic not only helps you derive value from outdated electronics but handles the complete destruction of identifying and proprietary information.

What types of information do I need to protect?

Personal information and statistics are vital to your mission. They allow you to tailor solutions to clients, derive value from campaigns, and determine the course your business should take.

Unfortunately, this data is also a gold mine for hackers. Identity theft is an important issue. Hackers look for credit card information, identifying data, copywriteable content, and trade secrets. This information forms the underpinnings of your products and services.

Allowing others to obtain this information compromises your credibility and causes irreparable damage. Most companies claim that they were the victim of a data breach in 2017. Larger scandals are shared through social media and the news, making your company look vulnerable.

The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. This figure continues to increase. The average cost for each stolen record was $148.

Failing to protect your assets by using credible organizations ensures that you never suffer from the impact of a data breach. Excess Logic carefully handles hardware from removal to potential resale.

What should I know before I resell my hardware?

Companies are always looking for the least expensive equipment. Electronic resale is a lucrative market that allows firms in domestic and international markets access to the tools they need at an affordable cost. While you may be looking to stay modern, not every company needs cutting edge technologies.

Our use of remarketing channels greatly reduces the cost of liquidation. We return a portion of any sale to our clients. Excess Logic provides up to 300 percent more value than the average liquidation firm. Making our company part of your asset removal process offers a significant return on investment.

We also take great pains to ensure that your data is not lost or stolen. The state and national governments certify that companies use best practices in disposal. Scrutiny is not limited to the removal of potentially harmful metals, compounds, and rare earth minerals. Excess Logic maintains an R2 certificate giving our clients peace of mind through the entire process.

Simply wiping data from hard drives does not adequately protect personal and proprietary information. Standard software often leaves fragments that over the counter software pieces together with ease. We dispose of unusable hardware appropriately and use programs that thoroughly comb your system for sensitive information.

Our process is designed to not only derive value but to protect our clients. You gain access to valuable resale channels, proper disposal, and careful handling of hardware when using our firm. As states and organizations place an increasing emphasis on data security, you need a company that knows how to handle technology.

Data destruction is a crucial part of asset liquidation and e-waste disposal. Contact our experts today to find out how we can dispose of your outdated hardware.

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