Put Yourself In The Green Again With Equipment Disposal

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Helping your company dispose of e-waste. Well. That we’d do with pleasure. Here at Excess Logic, we are your go-to ICT experts. Whether you need consultations, repairs were done to your home or company network, or whether you want to dispose of your electronic waste.

We are round about the best solution when it comes to surplus equipment, IT assets and Excess Inventory Disposal. We are also there for your remarketing needs.

Our fast, secure and seamless process assists businesses with the removal of unwanted equipment and then we share the net proceeds with them.

Excess Logic, how we contribute to the equipment disposal
As time remains an ever-flowing hourglass. Companies outgrow and expand both physically and – how do I put this – not so physically. Like the company brand and how well the company interacts with its community.

But also, a company (huge corporations) will accumulate a mass amount of old computers, laptops, servers, hard drives, telephones, monitors and peripherals and once these technologies are out of date.

The company will find or create a storage space for old computers and bring in the new. So because e-waste should not be disposed of along with regular waste. It can stack up quite quickly. That is where we come in!

We dispose of your computers at e-waste disposal centers or we recycle them. Recycling e-waste is beneficial towards the environment as toxic liquids could be excreted into water resources. This could be destructive to both the environment and the people residing in the affected area.

We have a team of professionals who are tasked with taking care of the many businesses that we work with. Here at excess logic, we give you the best service there is. We dispose of commercial computers and do so in an environmentally friendly way.

We do so by recycling computers, laptops, telephones, networking gear and e-waste when it is time for you to take your company’s hardware to the next level.

Excess Logic is able to sanitize hard drives and other storage devices to erase any trace of your data. Thereafter we will physically destroy or disband your hardware.

Tips on disposing of e-waste
You can wipe your drives to remove personal data or ask to get a professional to the job for you.
You should not give away any computers to corrupt organizations because everyday children and people for that matter die of toxic e-waste disposal. This is a result of these corrupt companies not disposing of your e-waste correctly.
Make use of eco-friendly computer disposal methods. In this way, you make sure that the channels through which the disposing company gets rid of the waste are the correct way.

The disposal of computer waste should be done efficiently. It should be a cost-effective solution for you and your unwanted PC equipment. If this process costs you more than it would buy new equipment. Then obviously you are being ripped off.
So be smart about you e-waste disposal. Call our offices and we will have a consultant speak to you about how to properly dispose of the unwanted equipment.

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