Reasons Why You Should Hire An Assets Recovery Agency

Assets Recovery Agency" src="" alt="Income" />Disposing of equipment, assets, and other inventories at your place of work can be a real hustle. Most of the time you may not know where to start or how to approach the situation. There are times when you’ll need to replace some assets and equipment as a way of improving reliability and service provision to your customers. That will leave you with old unused assets in your office. In the long-run, you’ll end up with overstocked and stuffy stores, piled up shelves, and unnecessary office equipment which somehow create a hazardous working space.     

At Excess Logic, we specialize in surplus asset disposal and remarketing in order to bring back a conducive working environment and at the same time create some income. We are an asset recovery agency that is all about your welfare and satisfaction as our client.

What Does An Assets Recovery Agency Do?

Investment recovery or resource recovery are some of the terms used to define asset recovery. When you commit your equipment in the hands of asset recovery agents, they are mandated to ensure their effective reusing and re-investment. This is achieved through remarketing with the main goal of getting the best price out of their value.

Most of the large and small companies with excess assets are turning to asset recovery agencies that have the capabilities of getting the highest possible returns. The agents can also liquidate inventories and refurbish items for stable companies.

What is Disposition in Asset Recovery?

Disposition happens when the owners of the equipment desire to get rid of them through selling, scrapping, recycling, donating or disposing of. When disposing of, the assets are supposed to be cleared from the company books. Afterward, the company is entitled to a share of the capital that can be used to boost the business or whichever way it desires.

Our recovery agency will help you generate revenue that can be used to boost profits. A company will go for a disposition method that’s determined by the type and value of assets as well as its demand in the larger market.


When an asset is moved from one location of an organization to serve in another area, that is referred to as redeployment. Redeployment is an economical approach to asset recovery as it saves the company the need to make new purchases while creating room for transfer, reuse, and recycling.

For redeployment to be effective, the company has to make sure that the assets will be useful at the place they are being redeployed to.

Asset Recovery Agency

An asset recovery agency is there to help you turn junk and unnecessary equipment into useful resources. With asset recovery, you will get that extra cash for your business, enough space for your work, and more reason to buy necessary equipment. Asset recovery works towards improving profitability by ensuring your excess assets and equipment are directed to the target market to acquire more on their value.

We at Excess Logic provide reliable services when it comes to the remarketing of your surplus equipment, information and technological assets, and excess inventory disposition. Whatever you need to get rid of, we got you covered. For more information, get in touch with us on 650-307-7553.

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