Recycling Equipment Lowers Costs

recycling equipment" src="" alt="recycling symbol" width="173" height="173" />Recycling equipment promotes a positive image, protects data, and creates an avenue to recover the costs of systems. Hardware contains gold, rare earth minerals, and other compounds of value which also potentially contaminate the environment. ExcessLogic understands how to turn your assets into profit at all levels.

What are the benefits of recycling equipment?

Equipment contains minerals and often personal and proprietary data. It is necessary to find a means of disposal targeting the information on your hardware.

Data storage hardware, in particular, requires care. These systems retain sensitive information even without power. Hard drives do not erase memory in the way RAM does once inactive. Instead, they manipulate their mediums for persistence.

Persistence means that any information remaining on your system is recoverable. Even if you attempt to remove data, special electronic devices are available that may be able to recover fragments. Leaving your systems vulnerable through improper disposal is risky in an age where customers and investors demand security procedures.

Modern companies strive to be green as well. However, equipment, especially specialized medical and pharmaceutical devices contain chemicals and compounds which must be reclaimed appropriately. Computer themselves contain minerals that do no break down in typical landfills.

ExcessLogic understands how to promote your green thumb while protecting security. We are R2 certified and know how to shred and thoroughly wipe storage systems. Using our services grants you and your customers' peace of mind.

Our company handles devices in many industries. Clients range from pharmaceutical and medical firms to manufacturers, organizations in the energy industry, and IT companies. The process translates to any company using equipment that must be disposed of periodically.

Are there benefits to recycling my equipment?

Hardware is expensive. This is especially true of manufacturing and specialized technologies. Businesses are always looking to solve problems at a reasonable cost.

Disposal companies marry these needs in a way that generates revenue for our clients. We maintain connections to domestic and worldwide markets where your hardware is in high demand. Our sales process helps recoup up to fifty percent of the cost of reclamation.

Non-profits are allowed additional benefits. Under 170(c), these organizations can deduct up to 50 percent of the cost of the original equipment.

Our sales process is only a part of our disposal strategy. This cyclical process starts with your list of outdated assets, continues to removal, involves proper destruction of data and proprietary information, and proceeds to our sales channel. Part of the obtained revenue is returned to our clients where the process beings again.

Our process helps clients 300 percent more value over liquidators and 800 percent over resellers. Connections to large and multi-national markets give us the ability to better benefit clients.

If your firm strives to remain modern or needs a way to dispose of electronics and manufacturing technologies, recycling equipment promotes your brand and helps recover costs. Our experts are ready to assist in every step of the reclamation and remarketing process from pickup to resale. Contact us today to find out more.

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