Total Hard Drive Destruction Offers Peace Of Mind

hard driveHard drive destruction is not always a straight forward process. Even on standard consumer computers, off the shelf software leaves fragments that any savvy hacker can piece together. This puts your proprietary information and sensitive data at risk. Excess Logic understands the demands of the information age and will shred any unwanted and unsellable assets.

Why do I need to dispose of my hard drive properly?

Your hard drives contain valuable information. Patents, trade secrets, and other vital business data are stored on these drives.

Disposing of hard drives requires care to avoid a data breach. Simply throwing a hard drive in the garbage is not enough in the modern age. Anyone can obtain your disk and simply plug it into a computer. Passwords can be cracked with off-the-shelf software.

Even using wiping software does not always work. Fragments left on your device may provide enough information to piece together entire files. If those files contain personal information such as credit card numbers, a serious loss of faith may result.

If you deal in the medical or educational space, laws require proper handling of certain information as well. Any breach is dealt with harshly. In Colorado, Washington, and Hawaii, the partner status needed to do business with school districts and other government institutions is at risk with every breach. Years of hard work are lost due to lack of care.

Privacy is a growing issue at a national and international level as well. European laws are particularly strict on how personally identifying information is handled. There is no risk worth taking that results in legal action or, worse, a public revelation of weakness in security.

Disposal requires shredding and disposal in a controlled environment. Our firm thoroughly wipes and destroys data and equipment before retrieving any valuable parts and minerals. We offer peace of mind as well as a return on investment.

This process extends to resale as well. We stay abreast of technologies ensuring the total destruction of information. Our firm uses commercial grade software to erase information before resale completely.

Why do I need to use an asset recovery service?

Asset recovery services do more than protect data, they protect your brand and profit. A green image is increasingly crucial. Your capacity to avoid dumping tons of carbon into the atmosphere helps maintain consumer loyalty.

Recovery firms offer the greenest option in dealing with end-of-life assets. Even if your business considers hardware to be outdated, other companies do not. Not everyone lives on the bleeding edge. If you are willing to avoid complete destruction, our resale channels offer a return on investment.

We refurbish and recycle materials, destroying data and following customer instructions to replace and properly dispose of hard drives. Any revenue is partially shared with the customer.

Hard drive destruction or data removal are no longer options when disposing of electronic equipment. There is no need to risk profit loss in the disposal of hardware. Our services return more than liquidators or resellers. Contact us today for more information.

Hard Drive Destruction
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