4 Best Ways to Sell Your Surplus Equipment Quickly

4 Best Ways to Sell Your Surplus Equipment Quickly

If your business often deals with commercial tools and heavy duty equipment, you understand how it feels when you no longer need those machines and how they can become a burden. Large machines take up a lot of extra space and storage, and like many assets their value decreases over time whether you use it or not. Rather than just letting your machines sit there and depreciate, it’s most likely in your best interests to sell them as quickly as possible. In order to sell off your equipment however, you will need to find buyers.

Here we list some strategies for selling commercial equipment.

Selling Your Machines
Everything can sell really, even broken machines have value. You call sell the entire unit or part it out for maximum value. The main thing is finding the right buyers when selling the equipment you want to get rid of. Chances are, there are many people looking for what you want to sell – you just have to find them.

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Here’s a few ways to sell your assets quick:

• Craigslist classifieds
Craigslist is a website that has an amazing viewership and community base. This site allows you to post any item you need to sell for FREE. There is no cost to buy or sell. Craigslist isn’t necessarily targeted so you will have to know what you are doing when creating your ad post. Of course you will have to price each item yourself, and some buyers on craigslist are untrustworthy. Some potential scams may arise out of what may seem like a legit transaction if you’re not careful. It may also take weeks to sell the item and you will need to store it the entire time as you await a buyer who will pay your asking price.


• Cold Calling Activities
Another option is to cold call relative companies and see if they are interested in buying your equipment. Cold calling does take time though and may also force you to miss out on potential cash because you do not have individuals bidding against each other for your assets. Rather you are giving a price you think is worthwhile which may be shortchanging yourself in the process. But cold calling may work for you if you already have those connections.

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• Liquidation
Another popular option is liquidation. Rather than sell the asset yourself, you can turn your machinery over to a liquidation company. That company will prime its buyers and put the item up for auction. Bidders will bid against each other, ensuring you receive the best possible value. You are also save a lot of time and effort yourself.

Selling Your Equipment Quickly

When you have machinery you are not using any more, every day it is kept in storage it loses value. Your assets represent cash for your business. Sell them quickly, and you’ll be able to both save space and maximize the value of your property.

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