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Computer Disposal

Computer Disposal in an Environmentally-Friendly Manner

Do you have old computers, laptops, servers, hard drives, telephones, monitors and peripherals lying around and cluttering up your storage space? You know that these things cannot just be thrown into the garbage. So, they just keep piling up.

Computer disposal through recycling benefits the environment since unwanted computers frequently find a new life with someone else, or their parts may be used for repairs. At the very least, the plastic and metal components are recycled, so they do not pollute landfills.

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We offer commercial computer disposal services as an eco-friendly solution for recycling old computers, laptops, servers, telephones, networking gear and e-waste when it’s time to upgrade your hardware.

Any data that remains on storage devices can be thoroughly decommissioned and destroyed – see our Data Center Decommissioning & Data Destruction services.

Five tips for proper computer disposal:

  • Wipe your hard drives to remove personal data or ask our specialists to do that.
  • Do not give away computers to disreputable organizations; because, every day 4,100 children die from polluted water.
  • Use environmentally-friendly computer disposal services to safely handle the disposal and recycling process.
  • Computer disposal must be done efficiently to make the process cost-effective and truly green.
  • Deal with professionals to make sure your computer data is not compromised.

Excess Logic computer disposal and recycling services are performed in strict accordance with all EPA regulations and in a recycling center, rather than being sent overseas or to landfills.

We can pick up your old computer equipment very quickly from one of our 30+ locations in the U.S. and Canada.

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