Onsite Surplus Asset Liquidation

Many Hi-tech, Biotech, R&D and Manufacturing companies constantly need to raise additional capital to continue operations, research and development.
A traditional venture capital fundraising usually takes from six months to a year and on top of that the company needs to give away equity.

Excess Logic, in cooperation with one of the largest online auction companies, offers a better alternative solution to raising money via VC firms and taking a loan from the Bank. We offer an onsite liquidation of surplus High-Tech, R&D, Lab, and Manufacturing Equipment.

Whether you’re facing multiple plant closures, upgrading an aging production line or have surplus equipment gathering dust in a warehouse, we are the industry experts at recovering every last penny out of your retired equipment assets.

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Three benefits of onsite surplus asset liquidation:

1. All your surplus assets will be sold within 45 days and your company will receive much-needed
funds without giving away equity.

2. Once all the surplus equipment is sold, picked up or shipped to the buyers, your company can
relocate the rest of the surplus equipment and the team to a smaller facility saving on the rent.

3. Your company stop paying a 1% annual property tax on the surplus equipment which is sold.

Excess Logic effectively and efficiently maximizes the financial return on the sale of surplus, excess and obsolete Cleanroom, Laboratory Scientific, and Analytical Equipment. We serve the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Solar, Hard Drive, Electronics Assembly, PCB and SMT, Medical Device, and Manufacturing Industries.

Asset Disposal Services includes:

Online Auctions

In cooperation with one of the largest online auction companies Excess Logic hosts online auctions of used High-Tech, R&D, Lab, and Manufacturing Equipment through its website. Online auctions often generate millions of dollars for the clients, capitalizing on equipment which has been replaced, completely written-off, or otherwise made obsolete. All auctions are supervised by trained and knowledgeable professionals.

Liquidations / Managed Sales

We act as a broker for your used assets until all equipment items are purchased. This is especially useful for companies with unique or complex machinery, whose resale audience is very narrow.

Outright Cash Purchase

We pay cash for your used equipment and bears all costs associated with pickup, removal, transportation & storage.

Marketing and Sales Process


We review your asset list, visits your site and inspects the equipment to provide a detailed analysis and professional valuation of the items to be sold so there are no surprises once we go to market with your equipment.


We market equipment directly to their hand-built database of industry equipment buyers. Other tools include our online auction software, email announcements, Web advertisements, and more (depending on the type of item for resale). They also take full advantage of the enormous power and incredible reach of the Internet, using Search Engine Optimization Tools, as well as other tried and trusted resources offered by that medium.


Once an asset is sold, we handle the invoicing, collection, including sales tax or sales tax exemption paperwork. We even remit any collected sales taxes, to the appropriate taxing authority on behalf of the seller.


We partner with several excellent rigging, crating, and shipping providers, so purchased equipment is properly packed and transported every time.

Excess R&D/Lab/MFG/IT Asset Remarketing and Disposal

Here is a case study on how Excess Logic helped raised $530,000 within 45 days via surplus asset remarketing for an R&D company from Silicon Valley, Akamai Solar

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