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Donate the Proceeds of your Excess Lab Equipment, Electronics, and Networking Gear

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In 2012, Excess Logic began operating in California as the one-stop solution for surplus equipment, excess inventory, IT asset recovery and E-waste recycling. In the meantime, we have expanded to 30+ locations nationwide and in Canada, and we have helped more than 500 companies, including Google, AT&T and Stanford Health Care, remove their unwanted surplus equipment, excess inventory and IT assets.

In alignment with our corporate vision of supporting a livable and prosperous planet by providing sustainable surplus equipment recovery and recycling solutions, we continually search for additional ways to serve the communities in which we work and live. Our management team is proud to also offer our ā€œ3Dā€ Charitable Donation Program as an additional option to assist you with your surplus equipment disposition needs. This program allows our clients to support their surrounding communities through qualified non-profit organizations, and take 100% of the fair market value as a tax donation.

Download 3D Charitable Donation Program Flyer.pdf


Here is how it works:

Step 1: Donate

You give us a call (CONTACT EXCESS LOGIC) and tell us what you would like to dispose of and give us the name of your local, qualified Section 170(c) non-profit organization.

Step 2: Deduct

We contact your non-profit organization, pick up your excess gear from you and start selling it for your designated non-profit. Clear, transparent reporting regarding our sales efforts is provided to both you and a chosen non-profit. Your non-profit organization will receive 50% of the net proceeds from the sale of the equipment, which is sold through our multi-channel remarketing network. All funds will be distributed on a monthly basis, providing the non-profit organization with an immediate and consistent source of new funding to further their work in their communities.

Step 3: Dollars

Once all assets are liquidated, you may take up to 100% of fair market value as a tax-deductible donation (check with your CPA).

Everyone wins!

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