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Take a look at just a few of the many unsolicited testimonials we get from our clients. They say it better than we ever could.

Ryan W.

Industry: Internet radio Title: Sr Director of Operations
Ted was very helpful and communicative throughout the process of Excess Logic helping us to empty our datacenter presence after we migrated our services to AWS. He and his team unracked all of our gear, then transported, inventoried, wiped/destroyed data, returned leased assets to the leasing companies, and sold off our assets that were no longer needed. Highly recommended.


Industry: Telecommunications Title: Facilities Manager
A difficult job very well done! We had three rooms each larger than 2500 sq/ft jammed with all the leftovers of building out three West Coast Data Centers and a fourth that was cancelled. Including the accumulation of all the obsolete equipment during 20 years of operation for three active DC's. Literally tons and tons of useless scrap metal and electronics with no residual market value other than precious metal recovery and scrap metal recycling. All the boxes that held the nuts, bolts, struts, conduits, links, insulators, widgets of every kind, the boxes had long since broken open and spilled onto the floor and contents mixed together. Their crew neatly boxed, palletized and loaded everything onto their trucks for sorting back at their facilities. After sorting we were presented a spreadsheet explaining the cash value associated with each type of material, gold and copper were positive and plastic was negative, etc. We feel the net price was fair and we will definitely use them again. We recommend them highly before all the others!


Industry: Technology
Very Professional and quick pickup of hazardous waste. Would use again


Industry: BioTech Title: Program Manager
Very flexible organization, always available, and fast regarding the resale and distribution of equipment. I would recommend Excess logic to any company looking for a green solution for asset disposal.

David R.

Industry: Biotech Title: Desktop Support
The pickup went great. The guys came and picked up all the equipment really quickly without issues. Yes I would like the COD of the service tags I provided. Thanks

Brian C.

Industry: Hospitality Title: Regional Dir of IT
Ted took care of us!! We had tons of old Set-top boxes, Dish boxes, Desktops, and servers. We were able to get everything properly recycled for a reasonable price. We will be using Excess Logic again!!

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