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Data Center Recycling

Data center relocation or expansion projects require detailed planning, quick turnaround times, and coordinated parallel activities. We offer you all of those simultaneously.

When it’s time to renew your equipment, you have three important things to consider:

  •  How to safely destroy data
  •  How to proper dispose of surplus networking gear
  •  How to maximize recovery value

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We’ll make the entire process effortless by providing you with the following:

  • Remove outdated equipment – servers, SANs, network gear, firewalls, routers
  • Remove ancillary equipment – docking stations, UPS, keyboards, mice
  • De-install racks, rail kits, power cords, cabinets
  • Remove obsolete equipment and supplies – transformers, circuit breakers, test equipment, reels of cable, spare telco parts
  • Dismantle, de-install tape libraries, jukeboxes, robots
  • Handle cable mining requirements – identify unused legacy cables and potential negative impact on the production environment

Our comprehensive service includes all regulatory required documentation supporting the destruction of equipment. We also guarantee that all data will be sanitized from any equipment which is not recycled.

Here is a case study of how we handled a DATA CENTER DECOMMISSIONING AND RELOCATION

Datacenter decommissioning is a complex task that requires coordination among several parties, especially if the data center is located at a colocation space. The parties include the colocation facility, equipment owner, and the disposal company. In order to have a successful data center decommissioning, there are several factors to take care of before the start of the process.

To effectively relocate or decommission a data center, you need to partner with an experienced company that will take the lead on data erasure, destruction, and other essential data center decommissioning services. Excess Logic can simplify the entire process for you while ensuring that your data remains secure.

Data Center Relocations Done Right
No matter the size of your data center relocation, the process of inventory reconciliation, moving servers, and minimizing downtime is not easy. The experienced, full-service team at ExcessLogic can execute all of the necessary tasks to provide a secure chain of custody and minimize risk to your operation.

Your Concerns Met with Solutions
The process of data center decommissioning, relocation, or consolidation raises questions and concerns at every level of your organization. Our data center relocation and decommission services are compliant with various federal and international regulations and R2 compliant – adhering to responsible, eco-friendly IT asset disposal processes.

Depending on the size and complexity of your data center, data decommissioning services may involve some or all of the following:

  • The equipment owner must plan for migration – there should be a definite start and end date before the physical data center decommissioning
  • Stage, pack and ship equipment as designated
  • Redeploy IT assets and server racks to another company-owned property
  • Return end-of-lease equipment to lessor
  • Final physical inventory count of equipment, documenting any discrepancies in client provided an equipment list
  • Removal of servers, computers, switches, accessories, cabling, UPS, HVAC, and generators
  • Move equipment to an Excess Logic facility where assets are prepared for resale or recycling
  • Destroy data, either on-site or at Excess Logic facility
  • Disposal of old storage devices and materials, such as hard drives, CDs and DVDs
  • Liquidating unwanted assets, such as old computers, UPS, HVAC and generators
  • Safe disposal of hazardous waste materials
  • Recycling of materials
  • Demolition of data center sites and waste removal

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