Excess IT, R&D, and Lab Asset Decommissioning

During this tough time like any other business, your company’s revenues also may have suffered at hands of the COVID lockdown.
If your company is downsizing, laying off employees, or refresh IT, R&D, and Lab assets, Excess Logic can help liquidate it and return to 80% of the market value.

We can sell your excess IT, R&D, Lab, and MFG assets and recover up to 80% of the value. Additionally, we can clean up your office completely, destroy all the Hard/SSD drives, and provide you a certificate of destruction. We just did it for one of your competitors and recovered $530,000. Your competitors have already begun to take action to raise capital for their long-term benefit. So what are you waiting for?

Being one of many cutting-edge technology companies, your company can start today selling all your excess assets to raise much-needed capital to ensure its survival through this crisis. Excess Logic can help you in this process, sell your surplus assets, and put cash straight into your hands to sustain daily operations.

We recover up to 300% more than resellers and conventional asset liquidators. In fact, we have recovered up to 80 cents on the dollar of the residual value!

You can manage the entire process via ZOOM.

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Our core competency is the organization, management and orderly decommissioning of surplus assets across North America. And this means ANY ASSETS, including computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, monitors, servers, server racks, printers, faxes, telephones, lab, test, measurement, R&D equipment, office furniture, shelving, cubicles, etc.
Here is a quick overview of our Excess Asset Remarketing Services:

Take a look at how we get you maximum cash value for your saleable assets:

Total Equipment Removal

Quick and seamless removal of your surplus equipment

Multi Channel Remarketing

Domestic and International marketing o’ your equipment resulting in maximum exposure

Unparalleled Liability Protection

Protection from liabilities driven from the sale and use of your equipment

Superior Transparency

Monthly reports and prompt payments are a hallmark of our service

Increased Savings

Free marketing, appraisal, storage, and fulfillment reduce your operational costs

Improved Profitability

Equipment is sold to end users therefore maximizing your recovery

Here is a case study of how we recovered $10M in asset value for a manufacturer:

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Excess Logic’s Intelligent Surplus Asset Sales and Marketing is the Smart Choice for Your Business.

Through our intelligent surplus equipment remarketing approach, your organization can save money, optimize the use of resources, and generate cash to fuel your core business.

Five Benefits of working with Excess Logic

1.Excess Logic provides a One-Stop Solution which includes disconnecting, dismantling, removal, storage, remarketing, shipping and handling of all performing and nonperforming assets. (Performing assets are the assets that can be resold, nonperforming assets are assets that have no demand and have very low value and must be disposed of).


2.Performing assets will be sold via the best domestic and international marketplaces with the largest client purchasing base, and Excess Logic splits the proceeds with your company.


3.Nonperforming assets will be disposed of, and the cost of the disposal will be deducted from the sales of performing assets, so no upfront payments are due from you.


4.Excess Logic sells surplus assets to over 100 million buyers domestically and worldwide via various online marketplaces, thus garnering the highest exposure and recovery rates.


5. Excess Logic takes the hassle off your hands, and allows you to focus on your core business while providing you with an opportunity to increase profitability.

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