5 Signs you Need Help with IT Asset Disposition

IT assets will have to be disposed of at some point, and this last step of your ITAM strategy calls for handling with absolute care. As you probably know by now, too many companies have been caught out at sea, exposing themselves to expensive data breaches, legal penalties, and a negative public image.

In fact, a good number of companies admit to losing track of their assets during the disposition process. This is clearly something that doesn’t augur well at all for safe IT asset disposition, or the destruction of any confidential, proprietary, or personal data. Some key questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is your IT team equipped to appropriately undertake asset disposition for your retired assets?
  • Are you up to scratch with the nuts and bolts of the regulations that govern environmental and electronically stored data?
  • Do you know (with unfailing certainty) where every piece of end-of-life equipment is located?
  • Are you conversant with the disposition channel that guarantees the highest ROI for each of your products?

You know it’s time to consider hiring the services of a certified IT asset recovery company when any of the following situations sounds familiar:

Busy IT team

Data sanitation is one of many services your IT team is likely to have to deal with.

This, however, is a service that calls for their undivided attention, and better to get it done earlier than saving it for later since it may never get done. Which, obviously, could accidentally leave sensitive data on hard drives earmarked for recycling, or remarketing.

Lacking IT Asset Management

If your IT asset management (ITAM) strategy lacks solid controls to efficiently do away with retired equipment, this disorganization could spill over when you do get down to disposing retired assets.

Take an example.

If you rely on outdated data from spreadsheets to keep track of assets, you don’t practice periodic inventory audit checks, you find it hard to provide your insurance provider with accurate information regarding the assets (maintenance history, usage condition, location etc.), there are no procedures in place to record each asset’s movement, you stand the risk of losing track of your assets.

Never forget it only takes a single lost asset to cause a disastrous data breach in your supply chain.

Inadequate Erasure Software

Many organizations tend to underestimate the full scale of good data destruction. Bad actors are sophisticated in their ways and can recover data that has not been properly wiped.



There are many solutions out there, but careful which you go with because WipeDrive is the only disk-wiping technology certified by EAL4+ and NIAP’s standard, and has the DoD’s seal of approval.

What are you currently using?

Oblivious of Regulations

Electronic disposal and electronically stored data are both governed by strict guidelines. You should be well versed with regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, FACTA, FERPA, and GLB.

Companies are held responsible for data protection by the courts, so careful not to float any because it could prove costly.

Lackluster Value Recovery

The remarketing of end-of-life IT assets craves a comprehensive market expertise, not to mention dedicated resources.

If you do your asset liquidation online at random, you are not maximizing returns. To increase your ROI, consider choosing the appropriate consumer sales channels, brokered channels, as well as other remarketing venues.

You also need to beef up your online presence and vendor ratings to lure as many potential customers as you can.

From experience, some of these things are easier said than done. This is why it’s recommended to seek asset recovery services from a reputable vendor to solve the headache for you, and particularly when it comes to the security issue.

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