5 Things you should be doing to Ready your Business for IT Asset Recovery

If a company is to remain relevant and competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace, one thing it should be doing is keeping itself at the forefront of technology, no two questions about it.

It is for this reason that many companies are finding themselves replacing older equipment with new technology soon as it becomes available. But how do you recoup part of the expense incurred given the old equipment has barely reached its end of life? IT asset recovery is your answer.

IT equipment disposition and recovery should be a key element in the budget strategy of every company. The best thing about this service is that the business is able to recover a substantial sum of the money needed for equipment upgrades. There is no fixed amount on how much particular equipment fetch, obviously. This is dependent upon a myriad factors chief among them the make, model, type and age of equipment (not forgetting the condition of the equipment too).

To best maximize excess inventory return, the following five steps will help in preparing for equipment removal and recovery.

Keep the Equipment in Tip-top Shape

On every occasion that equipment is swapped out for more recent models, ensure your team has an idea of how to handle the retired equipment so as to curb damage. Damaged equipment will have trouble attracting market, and when it does, the return will be minimal.

It’s never a bad idea to have your team equip itself with the best practices for handling retired IT assets prior to removal. This should also include how to go about storing equipment where they will be not be susceptible to dust, humidity, water or other damaging materials.

Keep the Systems Intact

The reason why everyone prefers a complete system – secondary market included – is because everything is available in one simple transaction. As much as not many want to buy individual components alone unless they have use for them, you’ll also rake in a better return for complete systems.

If your techs need equipment for spare parts, retain those with the most surface damage and get rid of the immaculate pieces which are likely to attract a higher return.

Go for Professional Data Sanitization

Prior to asset liquidation, it is paramount that you erase your hard drives if they contain any sensitive data. When you do, it’s advisable to seek the service of professional data sanitizers. Just because you erased or formatted your hard drives doesn’t mean they cannot be restored.


Sanitization is your best bet to peace of mind in relation to data security

Sanitization is the only proven data destruction method that leaves hard drives clean and re-usable. Methods such as physical disc shredding or degaussing only destroy the drive which makes it useless, meaning the chances of obtaining a penny from it are zilch. Nada.

Come up with a Detailed List of your IT Assets

Generating an accurate and comprehensive list of all the IT assets you intend to dispose can be a good thing in more ways than one:

  • It helps keep your assets organized.
  • The IT asset disposition company you decide to do business with will be in a better position to give you a more accurate quote for service.
  • It helps in maximizing possible returns.

Partner with a Reputable Vendor

Forging a good relationship with a tried and tested recovery solutions company is one of the best ways to ensure you recoup the value of your assets. Doing this allows you to harness the market knowledge and experience of your provider which ensures you get the best possible return for your equipment.

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