Ask Not What Your Company Can Do For You…

Ask Not What Your Company Can Do For You…

Did you know that the American economy loses $39 billion every year from companies that throw away surplus equipment and IT assets into dumpsters?

In 2017 the gross domestic product (GDP) of Wyoming was $40.29 billion.
So every year American companies waste an annual GDP of a whole state of Wyoming.
You may say “no way”, “how so”, “how does it happen”, “are you kidding me”?
I kid you not.

This is an official statistics, $39 fricking Billion Dollars thrown away into dumpsters every year by careless American engineers, scientists, facility and IT managers.
Why? Because of a Darn Bad Habit.

When an engineer or scientist receives a new equipment or a computer they just throw away the used one into a dumpster.
Why? Because this is not their money, their companies paid for the equipment so they don’t care.

Fortunately, not all equipment goes to a dumpster, only 65%. The rest 35% is recycled.
But 35%, that’s nothing because comparing to Germany who utilizes 65% of e-waste and surplus equipment, South Korea and Austria 59%, Belgium 55%.

The United State is the world’s biggest e-waste generator but recycles only 35% of e-waste.
Could you imagine how many new things would be invented and produced if American companies resold their surplus equipment and assets and reinvested $39 billion in a new equipment and R&D?

What can we do in this situation, how can we fix it and get back $39 billion to the American economy?
It’s very simple to fix.
1. We all need to admit that this is a bad habit to throw the surplus equipment into a dumpster.
2. We need to stop dumping surplus equipment and e-waste into dumpsters.
3. We need to call an e-waste recycling company in your area and ask them to pick up your surplus.

You may say, why should I do that, e-waste recycling is not free, I don’t want to pay for recycling. And you would be surprised but you may not just save your money, but you may actually make money.

There is surplus equipment remarketing companies in America and they recycle your e-waste. Additionally, they resell your surplus assets and share profits with you.

As an example one of the company is Excess Logic which serves over 400 companies helping them to dispose of their surplus equipment and IT assets environmentally friendly and earns them millions of dollars every year.

If you have e-waste or surplus equipment all you need is just submit a request on Usually they respond within one business day.

And one more thing. Don’t procrastinate.
Don’t think that remarketing surplus equipment is not your first priority.

This is a real story. One of my customers no longer needed 20 of HPLC systems Akta. He refused to act immediately and postponed remarketing of that equipment for 6 months. During that time the manufacturer of Akta announced that they no longer support the model. Within six months the price on Akta plunged from $20,000 per unit to $6,000 and then to $2,000. This procrastination costs my client $360,000

So, if you want to be ahead of your competitors and have more money for R&D, remember two things.
1. Don’t let your employees throw away your e-waste and surplus equipment into dumpsters.
2. Sell your surplus equipment as soon as possible.

Ask not what your company can do for you. Ask what you can do for your company.

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