Being “too busy” may cost your company millions of dollars

Being “too busy” may cost your company millions of dollars

Meet John, Director of facilities at a biotech company from South San Francisco, California.
John is very busy. Meetings, deadlines, reports, tasks, events, over and over again.

John overloaded with things he needs to do ASAP.
Under this pressure, John had a hard time to decide what’s more important and what’s less. As the result, John mixed up urgent tasks with important ones which cost his company $360,000.

How has that happened?

A year ago John’s employer ordered 20 new HPLC systems Akt and needed to decommission old ones.
John connected with a manager from Excess Logic, a company that resells used biotech equipment.

Excess Logic’s manager made an appraisal and found out that the market price was $20,000 per unit. Having 20 units John’s employer could earn $400,000 from remarketing of old HPLC systems.

Unfortunately, John was “too busy”, so he responded that this is not his first priority.
Two months later the Akta’s manufacturer announced that they no longer support that HPLC model. Within six months the price on that model Akta plunged from $20,000 to $6,000 per unit.

Excess Logic’s manager called John and shared with him that bad news, urging him to sell his HPLC systems ASAP.
Unfortunately, John was “too busy” again and didn’t schedule a pickup. Within next 6 months, the other companies from biotech industry flooded the market with used HPLC systems Akta which brought the price to $2,000 per unit.

When Excess Logic’s manager called John to ask him if he still had the task to sell his HPLC systems, John was no longer with the company and the person, that replaced John said that HPLC systems are still around.

Finally, Excess Logic resold those HPLC systems at the market price and recovered $40,000 for that biotech company.

This is a real case of how irresponsible procrastination costs a biotech company $360,000.

The moral of this case is selling your excess assets is your first priority.

Time depreciates the value. Don’t procrastinate. Sell it and get money fast to reinvest In R&D.

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