ERI partners with University of Pennsylvania

ERI partners with University of Pennsylvania

Electronics recycler collaborates with University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business’ Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership to develop electronics recycling best practices.

Electronic Recyclers International Inc. (ERI), an electronics recycling firm based in Fresno, California, has announced that it has entered an academic partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business’s Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL).

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University of Pannsylvania

University of Pannsylvania

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ERI and IGEL say they will collaborate on initiatives that bond sustainability and business best practices and develop the next generation of sustainability solutions for electronics recycling and the broader community. With a program committed to innovation, IGEL says, it promotes knowledge for business sustainability through world-class research and an open dialogue between academic, corporate, government and nongovernment organizations (NGOs).

Additionally, Wharton and IGEL faculty and researchers will participate in an open knowledge exchange with ERI regarding sustainability, industry and community leadership.


“Partnerships with leaders of industry such as ERI are essential to our research, teaching and thought leadership efforts,” says Joanne Spigonardo, senior associate director of business development of Wharton’s IGEL. “This collaboration can yield practical real-world results and cutting-edge solutions for problems ranging from curbing the glut of e-waste entering our waste stream to digital security to electronic recycling best practices in general.”

John Shegerian, ERI chairman and CEO, says, “We are excited and honored to be working with the tremendous business and research minds of Wharton and IGEL.”

He adds, “For us, the IGEL partnership offers a number of benefits, including access to faculty and research at one of the world’s leading business schools and the opportunity to contribute and share our experiences and best practices with these thought leaders. Based on our shared commitment to sustainability and the preservation of natural resources, we have formed an instant connection that is sure to fuel positive change.”

Shegerian also has been given a seat on the IGEL advisory board.

ERI says it will work with IGEL to discuss and analyze ERI’s innovations in the electronics recycling industry. Collaborative reports also will be created on the subject for the university’s Knowledge at Wharton journal, where Shegerian will appear as a guest expert discussing e-scrap recycling on the “Knowledge@Wharton” segment featured on Sirius Wharton Radio.

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